‘a fire for you’ to light the winter solstice period (video 7:07)

I know we’re not quite there yet. But in my part of the world, the snow is falling,
the temperature plummeting, and, for me, the pull to go within no longer
cuts me any slack. I just discovered this soul-stirring
video from merhlin, which features music from composer John Boswell
(who it appears is the “Hearts of Space” John Boswell and not the Symphony of
Science John Boswell), along with poetry from the Wingmakers site (Poetry Chamber 24).
I have known of the Wingmakers materials for a number of years
(and remember being astonished by its content and frequency!),
but it had slipped away and this video brought it back.
As I now live on the plains, I also deeply resonate with the imagery of this video.
Many thanks to those who sent love, prayers, and healing for my dear friend
who was powerfully stricken by E-coli 0157 last month. After
two life-threatening weeks, she moved out of intensive care and into a regular
hospital room, where she is making incremental improvements.
Her potential for recovery is yet unknown. She is speaking, recognizing, moving
slowly about with assistance, and impatiently yearning to go home.
The word “miracle” is on everyone’s lips, and for that, we are all grateful.

5 thoughts

  1. Janet,

    Your words touch me deeply and warm me to the core! I look forward to the time that we sit together – regardless of season, reason, or continent. Blessings…

    You are most welcome. I, too, was quite taken by this video. So much so that I emailed its creator and expressed my delight to him as well.


  2. Thank you dear one. We have put up our tree listening to this again and hear in it the embrace of you, our friend. We have found the ornaments that, one by one, bring to mind others. This is such a precious time and although we are many miles apart, we may in fact not be so far. Drink deep your “going in” of the season and know that the gift of you is one that we are so grateful to share. Peace and joy to you and to all you hold close.


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