prayer for this time: i am the miracle (classic)

I wrote this poem in 2002, and first posted it on this site in 2008.
Seems as true as it ever was.
May all of us be the truth of who we are. No more, no less.
Once again, the Hubble Telescope provides a tailor-made image:
“Brilliant white core encircled by thick dust lanes…” Sound like anyone you know?

In this time of miracles I recommit to faith
To the power of All There Is
To seeing beyond the physical to the unalterable truth within
To the infinite healing of pure Love
To knowing what I know
To angels among us.

In this time of uncertain outcome
I remember that which never changes
The brilliant light that lives in every heart
The unending cycles of winter, spring, summer, fall
The eternal and astonishing efficiency of the universe
Sacred in origin and indefinable in form.

In this moment, this unceasing now
I rebirth my holy soul’s intent
Resurrect dying embers into the magnificence
of the original dawn
Release ancient armor to galactic sky
Reclaim my birthright of joy divine
Helix reknit
Spirit reborn
Rekindled anew.

I am the miracle I have ached to see
In this time
This place
I am.

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