o canada! at last, a johnny joins the janes, julies, and janets

Twenty individuals have joined our global poetry-share community so far, and only one of them is a male.

That’s why I was particularly delighted to receive an update from Doug in Ontario. His blog, Valley Road Rambler, carries the subhead, “life, love, loss, and a whole lotta soul,” and I guarantee you his truth in advertising is impeccable. Here’s a synopsis; you can read his entire Words Divinely Wrought story right over here.

“Mine was one of the first packages of poems Rachel sent out. I’ve had my two poems for nearly a month. I’m not sure why I waited so long; I just waited until the time felt right. This past Friday was the last weekday of my extended vacation. I took a day trip with a friend up the beautiful Bruce Peninsula, spending time in the village of Lion’s Head and other places along the way. I brought Rachel’s two poems with me and found places for them both…

“After a delicious lunch at the Lion’s Head Inn, my friend and I walked down to the beach and the nearby marina. We noticed an old, somewhat stunted-looking lighthouse at the far side of the marina, and walked over to it to have a closer look… we instantly agreed that this was the spot to place the first poem, rhyme of an ancient mariner

“You can see the poem tucked in behind the plaque. This felt like the right place for it to rest, until found. “The last lighthouse keeper on the Great Lakes.” Not precisely an “ancient mariner” but definitely someone with a healthy appreciation of the power of the sea, or in this case, the mighty Great Lakes…

“The second poem found a surprising home a little later that day. I say “surprising because (1) I felt no urgency about placing it on the same day and in the same area as the first poem, and (2) the location itself was not one I would have been in if it weren’t for my friend.

“It was a souvenir store on the Bruce Peninsula, which it turns out was well-stocked with much more than the usual kitschy tourist stuff. Most of their wares appeared handmade or generated by small businesses. When I saw a display of cards by a company called Tree of Life Inspirations, in particular the one card with a poem that related so well to Rachel’s blog and her project, I knew this was the place. I went back to the car to get the travelling poem, then surreptitiously returned and slid it behind the poem that was originally part of the display…”

“There couldn’t be two sources of inspiration better suited for one another than Be Whole Now and Tree of Life Inspirations. Who knows where this will lead?  The poetry card I placed “Unremitting Faith for the Fearless” behind reads: We are all connected and have a special part to play in the tapestry of life. As we share our unique gifts with each other, we create a better world for us all.”

Thank you, Doug! I can only imagine what will ensue when someone brings the poem up to the register to purchase it. Truly an inspired planting!

3 thoughts

  1. Christine, your report from Ireland is queued up to be the next update. I adore the photos that are coming through! What a journey you are on. Blessings.

    I so appreciate your honesty and your willingness to follow your instincts even when they lead you into (what appears to be) non-action or even backward steps. Isn’t that part of the adventure? Looking forward to your next message: whenever, wherever, whatever, however. Much love…


  2. I am glad to know that I am not the only one holding the poems….. I did place one but it did not feel right so back it came…. I do know where I will be placing them…. an old country church has a walking path … and also a store I found has a sacred space for meditation.. so off I am today to unleash them to the world …. thanks for inspiration


  3. thrilling, what perfect places these poems found through doug! we are now in paris and i have received my envelope of beautiful poems, thank you dear rachel … i will write later today about the adventures of ireland and try to send photos too …christine x


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