love is gonna get you (singer-songwriter Matthew Andrae video 3:20)

I never thought that my lifetimes of healing, my years and years of digging deep and releasing, my commitment to service, my twisting and gnarling and gloriously torturous path, and my unwavering trust in Divinity…

…would lead me, in the days and weeks running up to the Great Shift of The Ages, smack-dab into retail!

Yet here we are and here I am, unable for months to delve into my poetry or move forward (for now) with the Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share, continue my Italian lessons, fix my household plumbing, or give a rat’s ass (for now) whether my poetry or my novella ever see the light of day. All because of a part-time position that, in odd and miraculous ways, appears to be the manifestation of my Soul’s deepest essence. Who woulda thunk??

For now, it’s just living on this Earth in this physical form and experiencing the limitless spectrum that that entails — whether it’s sitting with my face turned upward to a radiant sun, completing Excel-based monthly remittance spreadsheets (this, too, is the Glory of Creation!), or driving hundreds of miles and scouring thrift stores in an effort to find a navy blue shirt with a collar (EEK!) and some khaki bottoms (DOUBLE EEK!) to go along with my magnetized name tag for my new job (WHAAAAAT????).

The one piece of wisdom I have on these times: Nothing is ever what it appears to be, so just go with whatever makes your heart happy and don’t ask too many questions. All will be revealed.

This song from Matthew Andrae is filled with a palpable joy! I discovered him while researching talented artisans with ties to the Jicarilla Apache Nation of the southwestern US. He bills himself as “An American Indian in Paris” and maybe I’m one of the last to know that he appears to be a most illumined and rising global star. The link at the end of the video is not current. Here’s his website; his album “Born” is on itunes, where I was most happy to purchase it.

Yep, if it hasn’t yet, Love is gonna get you. And me. And all of us. Resistance is futile. Okay?

5 thoughts

  1. Leslie, Julie, Christine!
    How blessed I am to have a visitation from the Three WIse Women of the World. From two continents, no less.

    Love to All of you, and know how appreciative I am for your continued support and kindness. To you, Julie, I utter the words of Leslie, your neighbor to the south: “You crack me up. And that is a (damned) good thing…”


  2. life is full of the unexpected, wonderful to hear that velvet voice singing about love, and smiles … always close by! thanks dear rachel, enjoy your end of year, i am sure you can magic things wherever you are :-)


  3. Oh dear friend…if ever one doubts that the Universe has a sense of humor, you and I are prime examples. I, too, have delved into the gloriously bizarre world of retail in the last two weeks and find myself thinking “You’ve got to be kidding!” THIS is what the long-awaited December, 2012 scenario looks like…tee hee hee! Upturned apple cart, ass-over-teakettle, hilariously funny hell-of-a-joke on me…prosperity program via retail clerk job. Let’s get out there and morph the Unified Field from behind the cash register! xoxo


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