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  1. Haven’t been visiting other sites for a while and I am happy I came over to ‘HEAR” you! Yes, the words come even more alive! …
    You ask for technical suggestions, I have one: when you create the link to the audio recording on your wordpress editing page you highlight the title of your poem and then click on the ‘link’ icon at the top of your editing window. Then you get the new little window which says: “enter the destination URL” and you put in your URL for the recording.
    Now look under that line and see the check box for ” Open link in a new window/tab” and check this box.
    Then when people click on an audio recording they get a new window for the recording and your blog page is still open for them to come back to it and continue reading more. I find it useful!
    Your poetry is potent and it was sweet to hear the story about the Catholic Church (“we have nothing to do with Rome :) )
    ☼ tomas ♥


    1. Thanks, Tomas. So good to see your smiling face!

      I know the protocol you describe, although I don’t use the Link function when I add in audio. I bring in the .mp3 as media, same as when I plug in a photo. (Paid extra so I could do that, BTW.) So, there’s not really a URL that I work with. That said, I was trying to figure out how to have the .mp3 show up in the post itself so readers/listeners wouldn’t have to leave the main page. Maybe I should ALSO use the Link icon so I can do the new window/tab thing you described. (:


      1. Yes, the way your recording now shows up is the same as if you used the normal link function – so if you have a URL for the recording that would work and look the same on the page as it does now. I have seen blogs where the recording shows up as a little box right in the post and you click on it and don’t leave the page, so it you are paying for it there should be a way to do that. This blogger friend of mine in Singapore has that feature – you might ask him how he does it: http://addgrainonearth.com/
        Espavo! Tomas


  2. Perfect, Rachel! Now your poem is complete and your message will touch even more hearts, all around.
    With your voice you have forged a sacred seal for your creation. Your interpretation will never be equalled. It is the origin.

    Just one technical note: was your intention to create a hollow space feeling or is that just the result of a recording in an open space?
    In case that effect was not intentional you might try to record your poems in a more intimate sound setting. And if you are recording at home with your computer and you do not have a voice booth, you might try to record your poems under a blanket :D It might sound silly but it can make a huge difference.

    Thank you, Rachel!


    1. Simonetta, if you only knew how much your Italian rendition of my work inspired me! My eyes moisten to your words, “With your voice you have forged a sacred seal for your creation…”

      I recorded at home with GarageBand on my iMac. I selected “Female Voice” and did nothing else in terms of tweaking/editing. I found the hollow/echo-y effect quite interesting, somewhat rich. (Perhaps I was just so taken with the sound of my own voice!) I am grateful for your professional advice and will do more experimentation – including the blanket suggestion. Also, inspired by you, I took some Italian lessons last Fall and was entranced with the language and my teacher (who is nearly 5 hour drive away from where I live) but, alas, this fell off when I started my new day job. Perhaps “this is the time” to revisit. Ciao, Bella!


    1. Akasa and heartofmaui,
      I have been desiring greater dimensionality with my words for so very long. It was never the time, never the time, never the time. And now, “this is the time.” Your comments, from east and west of me, have lodged deeply in my heart. It is a joy to have you here/hear. Blessings…


  3. Dearest Sister…
    This is exactly what my soul needed to hear this night…your voice, your energetic blueprint, write itself on mine, as well as revisiting a powerful message of hope and resilience in our conscious evolution…for I hear the
    voice of The Great Mystery in it.
    In Cascading and Radiant Blessing Dear Heart! A’HO!


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