and may every prayer cry out for a world of peace (audio poetry 3:44)

Last week, I was called to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of my favorite places. I loaded up my trusty, old Jeep and headed down a highway amid gusty winds and blowing dust.

Directions to an Open Mic Night lay on the seat beside me. I went and found myself in the company of “strangers” who instantly felt like Home. Courageous souls with open hearts, radiating their gifts of word, song, music and spirit.

I read several pieces of Words Divinely Wrought poetry and when the evening was complete, a woman sidled up next to me. “I am a priest with a small, independent Catholic congregation,” she said. “Would you consider coming to our church on Sunday and sharing some of your poetry?” With a twinkle in her eye, she added, “We have nothing to do with Rome.”

That is how I came to be standing in front of the altar at the historic Loretto Chapel (click small photo to learn more), reading Unremitting Faith for the Fearless and Prayer for Inclusion. After the deeply nourishing and eclectic Celtic Mass service, another woman approached me.

Her expansive words and global energy carried an “Open Sesame” quality — opening golden portals of possibility and inspiring me to record “and may every prayer cry out for a world of peace.” Audio version (with that direct-from-The-Great-Void quality) is below. Written text is here.

Timeless moral of this and every story: When Spirit speaks, don’t ask questions. Simply listen, load up the wagon, brush the sand and dust from your eyes, and get moving…

may every prayer cry out

7 thoughts

  1. Hi Rachel,
    I am new to the world of writing poems, greetings, and books. I am hoping my words will inspire others along their way in life, and give much needed hope. I enjoyed your web sight and reading about you at Blue mountain. Thanks for sharing, Lynda


    1. Thank you, Lynda. Your desire to inspire others is a beautiful thing, and I wish for you success in whatever way you choose to measure it. Hope is indeed much needed, perhaps now more than ever.


  2. Beautiful Angela, Glorious Julie, Precious Ann, Lovely-Lovely Christine,

    A wink, a nod, and a sweet embrace to all. Your presence and your words carry untold blessings. May Peace be with you…



  3. Happy Spring in all her struggling. I’ve been shoveling snow from my steps all morning while making chicken stew.Thank you, thank you thank you dear Rachel. Always love your words and ART. Like Cathy Woo! Ann



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