poetry without words (audio 1:27)

Ancestral Gathering I, Judith Shaw, oil

I have carried this song in my heart for more than 10 years.
It came to me on a Labyrinth I walked for
healing after a rollover car crash
and subsequent mild traumatic brain injury.
It always feels like Home to me.
The painting by artist Judith Shaw
feels like Home, too.

2 thoughts

    1. This is a good question, generaliregi. It seems I have always had a lot of positive energy — and as life became more challenging over the years, I chose to cultivate this gift and heal myself of beliefs/patterns/situations that sought to oppress or repress it. No particular program or system: a variety of modalities, approaches, and universal wisdom, I suppose. I do not shirk from digging deep. PS: I know that Tagalog is one of your languages. (:


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