boost prosperity with Emmanuel Dagher’s “Beautiful World” (video 3:55)

I have checked in with Emmanuel Dagher’s energy messages now and then, but only in recent days have I discovered his “Core Energy Therapy (R) Music — which is attuned to the 528-hertz “Love” frequency and facilitates shifts at a deep, unconscious level while treating your ears to upbeat, admittedly “pop-py” music. (If that’s not your thing, oh well, carry on…)

His online store offers samples of 8 tunes, downloadable at $2.99 each. According to Emmanuel, this particular tune (Beautiful World) carries manifesting and healing frequencies specifically designed to help you attract more financial abundance. Quite danceable, too: what’s not to love?

Within minutes after hearing bits of each track, I splurged (and believe me, this is a splurge for me right now), downloaded the whole thing and have been playing it night and day. It feels like the new soundtrack of what is surely to become the more vibrant, more prosperous, more joyful life I am now creating. Have you noticed that the Universe is teeming like never before with phenomenally gifted individuals serving us All? In my humble opinion, Emmanuel Dagher is one of them.

PS: Not much to see in the video department: healing sound is the star here.

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