unremitting faith for the fearless: one more day (audio poetry 3:18)

and when it felt as though love had left the room
there was nowhere to turn but within,
so I fell in love all over again with the essence of god that is me
and there found peace enough for one more day

and when every cupboard was bare,
the only nourishment to be found grew in the lush garden of my soul,
and when I had partaken of the juices of my own heartblossoms
i was carried along by wings and fed enough for one more day

at those times when my every expression was met with rowdy silence
when disregard welcomed me at every turn
when, with nose pressed up against the windowpane
i observed so many dismissing what i ached for so intently,
i transported myself to a realm where lack cannot exist,
re-established my original relationship with source
and thus exalted by the infinite breath of creation
i continued yet again for one more day

why i was stripped of so much for so long, i know not
except that from nothing i had no choice but to return again and again
to everything that lay beneath the surface and beyond the sky
and thus I tentatively quelled my longing for more
and rendered myself quiveringly content for one more day

and on that one more day
the sun rose as fire in the east,
a rapturously radiant moon kissed me awake from the west
the wind howled and the leaves shook
and grace flourished ‘neath a blanket grey and sodden

i took tea at twelve, napped beyond noon
watched a rabbit shelter under the ribs of a metal chair
sought heaven and found laughter in the eyes of a friend
ached for joy everlasting and fondly embraced one kindred spirit

and so touched the exquisite flesh of being human
for one more day

8 thoughts

  1. Oh, dear, sweet Akasa! You will not find me on Facebook, though I am so delighted you were thinking of me. It seems thousands of years ago that we were in such close contact. Or was it mere moments? Or a bit of both?? Nothing is the same as it was before — despite outward appearances. I may come looking for you. May you and yours be Blessed! Much Love!


  2. I woke up thinking of you today Rachel…so I began to seek you out on Facebook. Don’t know if you are over there or not? Anywho…I was divinely inspired to come back here to your blog and revisit some of your wise and wonderful works…I’m so happy I did. I needed to hear your beautiful Sister voice sharing her heart. P.S. I am no longer blogging on Blogger but I am on Facebook if you ever get over there. In Cascading Love…Akasa WolfSong


  3. I see there is strength in abstinence. Your poetry belongs in all the old and new testaments.Its flavor enticing. Blessings In all that matters most.


  4. “and so touched the exquisite flesh of being human
    for one more day”
    I enjoyed the poem. You led the reader to the positive ending. Life take us to many places and if we are lucky. We end up in a positive place. Thank you for sharing the amazing poetry.


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