asking to be touched by love

Yesterday morning in the shower, the water gods and goddesses washed over me with one word: Ask. That one-word response to a large and lingering question was then followed by the title of an old Shania Twain song, “If you want to touch her, ask!”

Except in the shower, the words were slightly rearranged to “If you want to be touched, ask!”

Holy Field of Dreams, Batman! (BTW, if you haven’t revisited this classic Kevin Costner film lately, it is worth another look by anyone who feels a tad wobbly in the area of maintaining your faith regardless of external appearances and judgments by others. I pretty much wept through the whole thing this time around and came away nourished to the core.)

Like so many others, I am one of those forerunners/first-wavers whose unflinching spiritual courage and outsized heart have historically been out of balance with the so-called realities of the material world. We have steadfastly held our visions, dreams, and commitments to greater service for decade after decade after decade — even in the face of relentless pressures to conform and commodify our deepest gifts. Can I get a witness?

I myself have made choices that few others would make, and have followed my rich guidance down the rows of many an Iowa cornfield (see movie reference above). I have danced along fraying tightropes with no net and no balancing bar, and have been scooped up countless times at the proverbial 11th Hour by a bevy of beings who, I now believe, were laying the gridwork for the perverse cosmic humor of what humanity terms “reality shows.”

For decades, I addressed prosperity and abundance issues with past-life regressions, clearings and shieldings, and other approaches to bring a greater balance in my personal money realm. Every action I took in that direction contributed to the now-emergent universal whole.

Recently, I connected with a talented “Resonance Repatterner” (contact me if you want to know more; she is now in the midst of repatterning her website) and, thanks to Golden Age of Gaia, connected with the Children of the Sun Foundation’s Activating the Prosperity Code.

It has taken me a long time to integrate that money freely and unconditionally given speaks the infinite language of love. I learned a great deal over the years as I continued to resist receiving this love while insisting that the giver show up in a different manner. Whew! Glad that’s over…

Today, I am newly reborn and I am looking you in the e-eye (E-eye! Oh!) and asking for financial assistance. Not because I feel my Words Divinely Wrought poetry should be bought and sold free-market-style and not because I see myself through the lens of need and lack — but because your relationship with money is a kissing cousin to my relationship with uplifting and inspirational words, and everyone’s growing relationship with Love and Truth, Freedom and Beauty. It’s all currency and frequency; nothing more, nothing less.

I visited a neighbor day before yesterday and told her, “I am in full-on loaves and fishes mode.” She handed me a homemade loaf of sourdough bread and then offered me two capsules of skate liver oil (a more environmentally-conscious relative of shark that supports the immune system).

“Why do I need this?” I asked. “I’m not sure,” replied my friend. “Here, take two.” Hours later, I realized she had consciously given me the loaf and then, from a deeper level, added in the fishes. I knew the doorways were opening. “Ask. Just ask.”

In the tiny, economically depressed, and drought-stricken rural town I was called to about 5 years ago, I am now moving forward with the vision of growing fresh food and shifting to a sustainable future. Through a wonderful global site, (See my Host Profile here), I am recruiting service-minded travelers to assist me in reclaiming and transforming three properties I have come to own (each a miracle in its own right fueld by Love!). “Workawayers” are coming, and I will house them, feed them, manifest building materials and tools, and cultivate an environment where each can share her/his gifts in an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and Love.

My Field of Dreams is your Field of Dreams. My Lilies of the Field (another classic film about faith in seemingly impossible visions!) are yours. In the spirit of unified prosperity, I am asking you to shower this little corner of our world with your heart, your spirit, your Love, and your money.

Most of all, I am unabashedly asking to be touched in the most palpable of ways, by the expanding firestorm of Love made manifest in word, thought, and deed. May we all touch and be touched; be inordinately prosperous and infinitely grateful.

And so it is, in the unceasing Now.

My Contact link is at the upper right of the page. Comments are always welcome. I would Love to hear from you in your unique and irrepressible love language – whatever that may be.  My PayPal Donate button lives in the left-hand sidebar.


4 thoughts

  1. This sounds amazing!! If I were 20 years younger I would be joining you physically but at this time know my spirit is with you. Blessings !!


  2. Thanks Rachel, I know your trust of who you are and what you do has grown. Right now my courage isn’t there and full trust is lingering somewhere. You’ve always have been a very special person to me. Thanks for the encouragement, I will get there.


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