what to do when the new grows old (audio poetry 2:47)

L0017752 A woman swimming in the sea; in the background people are lo

do nothing

plan nothing
prepare nothing
expect nothing
and feel yourself awash and alive
amidst the uncompromising All

pray for no particular outcome
set your foot onto a journey void of destination
and before you know it, you are here

breathe life into a vision your mind’s eye has not yet seen
dance a step that only you can birth right here right now
unplug gently from whatever matrix has held your soul in check
and experience the immeasurable freedom
a minute course correction can offer

do everything

taste the sweet nectar of an unfolding rose
unbelt the voice too-long lodged and silent
touch your most tender interior spot with relentless self-compassion
find that which you have never sought before

ask no particular question
empowered, fill your bowl with no answers
overthinking will not elevate your soul
invite your mind to rest!
with but a kiss of Creation you are full, overbrimming
and all that once carried you in its tightened grasp
is gone

promote nothing
propel nothing
push and pull and pressure nothing
the temple gate was never locked

everything on your list is complete
what awaits its own becoming
is up to the unlimited vastness you refer to as you
call it what you will
wake up!
the very answer you choose not to seek
has already found you

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