give me your vote, ooh, baby baby

Blue-Woman-with-a-Guitar-(Femme-bleu-a-la-guitare)I’ve recently turned my creative focus to writing song lyrics…

…and my song, I’m All In For Love, is one of five finalists in The Lyrical Challenge songwriting competition. The winning words will be made available to musicians who add melody and voice. Then, in a second round of voting, voters select the winning vocal arrangement.

You can view the finalist lyrics and vote here. Voting ends May 18 at 8:00pm (not sure what time zone that is).

My lyrics are different than what you’ve probably read on this site before. More accessible. Snappy. Upbeat. I hear the lyrics as vintage country, though one musician I know deemed it “Adult Contemporary with a bit of Show Tune mixed in.”

I appreciate your support and, since I don’t FB or Tweet, I encourage you to spread the word to other friends and family, too.

BTW, the slogan for The Lyrical Challenge is “Recognition for both Lyricists and Musicians!” At my tiny rural post office earlier today, I received a piece of mail in an envelope that trumpeted “Get ready to be recognized. A lot.”

Just sayin…


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