you matter: spirit cares (audio poetry 4:48)

Spirit is calling me to spend at least a month exploring the West Coast of California, in anticipation of leaving my tiny, rural southern Colorado town for a decidedly different environment and a boatload of new beginnings in 2015. Spirit doesn’t care that my nearly 20-year-old vehicle has over 216,000 miles on it, so off I go on what will surely be an extraordinary adventure. First stop: Boulder, Colorado, to assist friends with clutter-clearing and packing for their own huge move to New England.

Audio above, text below.

comp-3aSpirit doesn’t care if you are weary or unsure
If the time is inconvenient
If you harbor niggling fears or apprehension
If you have one single lingering doubt of near-paralyzing proportion,
So many things you believe need your rapt attention right here right now
(But, what about this and that and the other?)
Spirit doesn’t care.

Spirit speaks when you are ready to listen
When you allow the edges of your resistance to soften,
When you truly embody what you say and think and feel and do
When you have laid down your sword and your shield
Recognizing there is no longer anything to fear in the face of love’s holy power ~
No matter how long that awareness has lain dormant or denied,
Spirit tends the seeds now germinative in your sacred belly.

Spirit whispers in your ear and dances through the chambers of your heart
Trilling a merry tune that reverberates through your every cell,
Time and trepidation matter not to Spirit
There is work to be done and your number has been called!
The seeming whims of Spirit breathe life into your desires and turn the inward out
And before you know it, you have gathered up all you hold precious and released ancient ballast
And you are on your way.

Spirit doesn’t care if fully living your life is seen as rejection by others
She knows nothing of guilt or shame or regret
The clocks and schedules you cling to? Inconsequential contrivances ~
Spirit cares that you are itching and trembling and ready and wild with desire!
She cares that you chose to remember all you forgot you once knew
That you pulled back the veil and peeled away the blinders band-aiding the scrapes upon your soul
You have cultivated your faith and trust within a garden strewn with stones
Watered the earth with your tears,
Placed your heart on the ground in front of you and prepared for the party.

Spirit doesn’t care if you don’t know the answers
As long as you continue to consider the questions –
Every butterfly in your stomach aches to be kissed
Every small step is now yours for the taking
Spirit knows your every dream, your every cry for becoming and belonging
She cares that your every need is met with lavish abundance,
That you find your true and unalterable family
That you are wrapped in the arms of a loving, generous Universe
Spirit cares that you are honored for exactly who you are and always have been
For being willing, being strong, being vulnerable,
Being relentlessly devoted to your own Divine wisdom.

Spirit loves you beyond the reaches of your imagination
Cares for your every scar and smile and speaks to you now in Love’s universal language
Awaken, receive, expand, and know the truth:
You matter ~
And Spirit cares.

3 thoughts

  1. The wind from your words once again cause my heart strings to vibrate in harmony to the content you share, and how you share it… happy trails, oh thou, priestess of prose. Love, Andrea


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