2016: words to help you bring your brilliance

Composite of 25 separate images of the Sun

Wherever your journey takes you
beyond the threshold into 2016,
be sure to bring the exquisite brilliance that is you.
Here are 7 classic posts — text, audio, and video —
shimmering with faith, love, peace, compassion,
forgiveness, and inspiration.
Read, listen, watch, share, enjoy!

Maintain unshakeable faith
Unremitting Faith for the Fearless (audio/text)

Remember the gift that you are
The World Needs You Now (audio/text)

Begin fresh: today is not yesterday
Prayer for Radical Forgiveness (audio/text)

We are all connected!
This Fragile Web: Why Every Moment Matters (video/text)

You are the Creator of your own life
Personal Declaration of Radical Responsibility (text)

Now say it like you mean it!
I Will: Vow for the Unbound (text)

We will never again be quite the same
I Suppose We Are Here for Each Other (audio)



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