love letter to you, my friend (audio poetry 3:27)

I think of you more often than you will ever know
I invite angels to your side,
to wrap you in Love
and the warm, sweet promise of gentler days
and peaceful, star-filled nights

In ways you can scarce imagine,
I offer you a soothing balm of recognition
a long, luxuriant sip of acceptance
an ocean voyage marked by the rise and fall
of tranquil waters
and the fresh mist of everlasting grace

It pleases me so to walk ahead of you and
clear your path of brambles
To walk beside you and offer up a touch so tender
you may feel it only in anticipation
To anoint your every step with the wafting breeze
of winged rose petals
To whisper words you have ached to hear
for far too long

You, my friend, are beautiful
You, my friend, are a precious reflection of All
that is good and true,
All that brings hope to a fractured world
And bespeaks a universal language of harmonious restitution

You, my friend, are the light of the world in physical form,
The power of the sun and the wisdom of the moon live in your every cell
Your heart a lush garden whose careful tending will reap your every desire
And in turn reconfigure all that has gone awry

Know full well that I have your back
That there are untold legions of others who feel as I do
That unceasing protection will rise from your heartened surrender,
Emptiness is but a fleeting stop that augurs deep and lasting fulfillment ~
All that leaves your side makes way for an onrush of the better

Not a moment goes by that you are not loved and cherished, my friend
Choose the beauty that is within you
The splendor that winks at you from every corner
Hear the silent intoning

You are Loved
You Are Love
Love Is You

One thought

  1. Dear and divine Rachel , love is an expression without expressed , yet you express it so silently and with grace and beauty ,. truly a fine poetry. love all.


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