i suppose we are here for each other (audio poetry 2:12)


I first wrote this poetry 5 years ago and have posted it here more than once.

Today, I want to add a new dimension. We are living in extraordinary times, and perhaps you are feeling unsettled and unsure as to your next steps. Perhaps you have envisioned a quieter, gentler place where you can reconnect with the natural environment and your own deeper wisdom, while also contributing your unique gifts.

Over the past several years, I have enjoyed inviting goodhearted folks to my home in the high plains near the Colorado/New Mexico border. I have hosted through workaway.info and through divine synchronicity; have welcomed 20-somethings and 50-somethings; and have made new friends from the US and abroad. Some stayed for a week (truly not long enough); some stayed for a month; one moved in with a local elder for a time.

Although my community is very small (tiny, in fact), I own two properties, am engaged in numerous local projects (including a seat on Town Council), and could use a broad range of assistance. Rather than give you too many details, I am simply opening the door to see what may present itself.

I invite you to search within and feel whether being in a remote, rural area for a time would gladden your heart. Can you be comfortable in a slow, quiet atmosphere that offers no market, coffee shop, bank, or other business? Do you hunger to explore new avenues for creative expression? Are you self-reliant, flexible, grounded, and no longer held prisoner by personal drama?

If even this small bit of info inspires you, contact me through the link at the upper right of this site. Share a bit about what you have to give and receive, and ask the questions you need most to ask. I will then respond promptly in greater detail. If you feel called to contact me, don’t let doubt or fear of the unknown stand in your way.

Please note that my home is my sanctuary and, as such, is primarily substance-free (sorry, that includes both medical and recreational marijuana) and pet-free (although I am open to certain circumstances). Also, I am open to barter and a range of currencies, though you will need to cover the cost of your own food at a minimum. If such a visit serves the highest good of all involved, the details will undoubtedly come together with ease and grace.

2 thoughts

  1. Well, THAT should certainly get the ball rolling! Thanks ArchAngel Amy; keep me posted on your plans. BTW, how large a craft should that landing strip be prepared to accommodate? (-;


  2. What a beautiful invitation, thank you! Am currently deciding if I shall build the gypsy “varga” wagon before, during, or after a visit – and Cal-Earth/Cob/benches/pizza ovens/guest structures are still on the menu for the “during” part… lining up folks well-versed in permiculture design, rainwater harvesting, rocket stoves for heating, etc — be sure to scope out the landing strip and helipad for future visitors bearing gifts from afar ~
    Blessings, and more!


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