it is now time to defy the definable (audio poetry 5:20)

“The Giantess” by Leonora Carrington, c1947

transformationally speaking,
you are no longer invited to limp along and
strain to uphold that which by rights is crumbling

there is no one for you to rescue or to heal –
you have only yourself to save

you are limitless,
you travel beyond bounds that most cannot even
wrap their minds around,
the disintegration you see and feel is nothing less
than infinite potential bursting its way out of
too-small boxes whose usefulness is no more

you have only yourself to answer to
it is now time to defy the definable

there is nothing to gain by focusing on details —
who or what, when, how
your body aches to purge itself of every trauma
known, unknown, forgotten
today is not yesterday

it is now time to embrace All That Is
so inconceivably, gloriously embraceable
to your weary and tattered mind

your spirit dries its wings
in preparation for untrammeled flight –
it matters not if you understand the journey
angels surround you in profusion,
cheering you on and lighting the way
to the family you have yearned for
yet never met

you rage at those who have lorded power over you for eternity
who have twisted and tweaked your mind
to believe that you cannot, could not,
will not, never will
rise up into full-throated majesty

release your resistance into an existence that may not compute
in the labyrinthine pathways of your mind,
yet silently flowers in unfolding tendrils
birthing blossoms of your soul

you can no longer wait for those holding the keys
to open wide the gates and unwrap the chains
that have held your perfection out of reach,
the keys have always been yours
protected against the intrusions of outside forces
not of your own creation
you search every nook and cranny,
under each and every pile of useless remains,
every corner where you felt you would find
the solution to every problem,
the answer to every question

you must first sweep away the detritus
of fear, shame, guilt, judgment –
on your knees if you must, with golden broom in hand,
heavy earth-moving equipment is often required

now, today, the sound of millions of hearts unlocking
reverberates through untold galaxies,
the symphony is incomplete without the precious tones
that you have carried for this moment
of resounding humanity
it is safe to come out of whatever closet
you have occupied for however long

trust your sweet and vulnerable heart to guide you –
it knows the way home to wholeness and joy
you will find outstretched hands from directions
your old compass never contained
in a quiet touch, they will gently pull rainbows
through your heart
and reconnect you once more
with your true origin

be not afraid!
your arrival has been foretold since before time began
the fire has been tended, the ancient songs sung,
the dance maintained
every prophecy coded into your being
whispers your name in welcome

to the New, the Now, the Unknown


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