knocking at locked doors holds nothing for you now (audio poetry 3:38)

I wrote this in 2011, and just added the audio version today.

i no longer need to knock at locked doors
they hold nothing for me now
and the scars on my once-bandaged and bloodied hands
have healed nicely
(thanks for asking)

i walk with honor through arched openings,
into the waiting arms of gracious invitations i stride
smiles greet me, borne aloft by the weightlessness of opening hearts
what took you so long?
(the universal echo seeks no answer)

i’m done working, striving, hoping, wishing
waiting to be shown the unmistakable revelation
i held hands with a small angel yesterday
tasted heaven on my tongue
a gentleman lightly grazed my shoulder
(his humanity nearly brought me to my knees)

i no longer need to be an A-student in the classroom of life
it is now enough to live life for its own sake
to embrace beauty absent the trappings of humdrum interpretation,
open my mouth so that infusions of truth and wisdom might slip out
undressed, unannounced
(their unimportance flashed nakedly on the sky)

you need no longer be blinded by veils blocking your way
look again! an evaporative splendor passes before your eyes
(what’s behind it matters little)
the point is you can see everything you have resisted seeing before
the limitless landscape will whisk your breath from your body
and in a scant moment will return it
with a radiance you once believed was intended for others, not you

your lessons are not mine
though each of us carries overlapping intention,
souls linked in a Venn diagram of divinity, hungering to awaken
to step up and hit our marks with a footfall of impeccability
and grace’s whisper licking at our ears

if you do not see the locked doors crumbling about
gates lying akimbo
you might choose to look differently
leave your fear in the corner and step on through

knocking at locked doors holds nothing for you now
settling for so little so long
is so yesterday

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