affirmations: go beyond old limitations|activate higher vibrations (video 15:01)

I was thrilled when Alexander and Kenneth Soares of Power Thoughts Meditation Club (PTMC) selected me to be the first-ever female voice in their repertoire back in 2016. They elevated my words and voice with primal drumbeats, chanting, and evocative and alive scenery from around the globe. Watch and listen here — or head on over to youtube to join in the comment stream. You’ll quickly understand why PTMC has more than 961,000 subscribers as of this very Now.

These affirmations for personal power and multidimensional attainment are designed to support and accelerate your path of deeper self-knowing, selfless service, and unity consciousness. Each word bathes you in unlimited potential. Each statement lifts you beyond limitation and moves you closer to your true, sovereign birthright. Open your heart and discover that You are one with the All, and the All is one with You.

PS: Your donation of any amount today would truly mean the world to me…


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