Know How Beautiful You Are (audio poetry 2:52)

I had a feeling you needed to
hear/read this again today.

I want you to know how beautiful you are
How the unending circle of existence pales
without your radiance
The song of creation falters to find its home key
A crystalline web hangs jagged, incomplete
A filament of light dances disconnected
Angels await the return of one of their own

I want to remind you of the singular gift that you are
How a glorious, age-old story has
written itself around you
Untold worlds anticipate your arrival
The essence of the earth dances
within the ribs of your form
You were given straw from which to spin gold
And a heart rendered to magnify starlight
in a darkened sky

I want to say something you may need to hear
in this moment
You were born a sovereign being unfettered by convention
Complete in your individual perfection
Imprinted with a deep-rooted yearning
for divine cohesion ~
The only cross to bear is the one you elect to carry
The dragons will retreat at your command

With your permission, I want to
hold a mirror before your face
Whisper your name as it has resounded
in tonal ecstasy outside of time
Sprinkle sacred rain over the seeds of your becoming ~
Allow me to stroke your cheek
with the tender lips of a beribboned rose
To be present at the creation of
your emergent constellation
To deliver the jewel
that may have slipped from your pocket

The Om has woven itself into your every breath
Be merciful with yourself
Your stumbles, rampant vulnerabilities,
momentary slips from grace
You are so beautiful, so gifted, so precious
I am thrilled that you are part of this world

I wanted you to know that.

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