7 Things I Love About You (audio 5:23)

Brazilian Birds, Maxx Paris, courtesy publicdomainpictures.net

7 Things I Love About You

I love your strength, your willingness to hold on or let go as is appropriate — and God, I love that indefatigable spirit of yours. I love that no matter how many times you have been knocked down or led astray by a cacophony of hollow promises and seductive allurements, you have always gotten back on track and up and into the saddle, no matter how long or arduous the climb.

I love how you honor your self. I love that you eschew mainstream views of what you should look like, how you should dress, who you should love, and what path you should follow. You may have fallen prey to the opinions of others now and then, but today is not yesterday. You have stepped into the unalterable freedom of being exactly who you are – and you wear it and rock it like nobody’s business! I love that!

I love how you show up and stand up for what matters to you. And even more, I love that you embody your zest for engagement in your singular way. Your commitment to change on a grand scale rises up from deep within you – regardless of how much anyone else may try to convince you otherwise. You have not a shred of desire to follow the crowd, and whether you are a natural-born leader or follower or anything in between, you will never “go along to get along.”

I love your kindness. The way you step outside of your own bubble to offer up a compassionate word or gesture whenever you feel called to do so, is a beauty to behold. Your humility is gorgeously reserved, the openness of your ever-expanding heart is inspiring, and your infinite wellspring of benevolent thoughts turned to action, has the quiet power to soothe a troubled world. Great and unremitting love shines upon you for your kindness. Keep it coming – for no other reason than the bounteous joy and silent contentment that it brings you.

I love the masterful creator that resides within you — and I adore the impassioned expression that oozes out of you with indefinable artistry. Your insatiable curiosity and lust for endless experimentation, your search for new planes of self-expression, your music, your art, your poetry, your dance, the radiance that shines from your crown to your toes when you delve into the mystery and mastery of creation: I love all that about you!

I love your never-ending journey of evolution. I love how you’ve learned to take yourself lightly and how you continue to foster change in habits and belief patterns that no longer bring you joy. I love that you are choosing to focus on that which feels good and that you are affirming and amplifying your most ardent truths. I love your expanding ability to discern – to know when your answer can only be Yes and when it must, by rights, be No.

I love what you bring to the planet simply by being your highest and best self. I love that you’re not struggling the way you used to, and that you’re letting momentum carry you with greater ease and grace than ever before. I love that we now see each other differently – with blinders removed and veils torn away. I love being able to know more fully who you are, because I now know more fully who I am. I love that about me and I surely love that about you.

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