birthing bed confession (audio poetry 2:30)

To you alone this confession I make,
I did not come here
to be entertained into slack-jawed obscurity –
Even in the midst of a talkative crowd
I seek to sink my line deeply into Divine waters,
The jib-jabbery of distraction bludgeons
the sanctity of a poised silence
Yet more times than I care to count,
I have wielded the weapon well

Between you and me and no one else,
I have time and again led myself
into a corner of self-created separatism,
Predisposed by an ardent architecture of Spirit
that renders instrumentation askew –
But I grant you willingly that I knew no other way!
And this I will not deny

Of my own volition I allow,
I have walked the plank
with my heart jitterbugging in the palm of my hand,
Neural ribbons clogged and jammed
with the rush-hour crawl of chemistry –
More than once I raced past Persephone’s daughters
arrayed in primrose yellow,
Drawn without regret to the siren song
that tempts all but the greatest among us

I will not feign a surrogate truth,
The weight of alienation has pinned my wings
in the loam of this gravity-rich orb,
Pinched me into a frantic gasping
to kiss without end the breath of the sacred –
And now, with but a reed-thin parting of my lips,
A long, sinewy outbreath
leads into the crystalline pool of the One.

2 thoughts

  1. For you, the body and the soul are never separated. Your imagery in words, it’s physical grasp, mirror all your expression of spirit and your stance,
    Really loved this one.


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