5 minutes of rumi, safri duo, and deep soul peace (video)

Do you have five minutes to invest in the deep nourishment of your soul?

This video, uploaded by rahmama2, blends magnificent poetry by Jelaluddin Rumi (as translated by Coleman Barks) with uplifting music and stunning photographic images. (Though I cringe, even I can momentarily overlook the typo confusing “you’re” with “your.”) Note that we are just past the Full Moon, making the text even more potent and poignant for us all.

The featured image on home page is from the roof of the tomb of Hafez at Shiraz, Iran. Click for more.

The music in the video is by Safri Duo, two Danish musicians who crossed over from classical to pop percussion. Check out their site here.

5 thoughts

  1. Dear Rachel, arriving is now and the depth of our soul is calling us home. You always sought the how of becoming whole. Your poetry of words, calls me to follow the deeper meaning and purpose of life. Thank you!

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