you will find your way (audio poetry 3:48)


This photograph, titled “Free As A Bird” by Brisenia Flores of Texas, USA, was the Photo of the Day on November 15, 2019, in the 17th Annual photo contest. See other images here.

I found my way in darkened caves, along sun-dappled coasts,
curled at the base of ancient trees
treading water within a river of tears
cascading along a slick-edged mountain of crystalline origin

And you will find your way

I traveled accompanied by unseen guides
carried by strong arms and outstretched hearts
tripping in clumsy anticipation
bound by yearning and rugged impatience
each faltering step bringing me closer to whence I had begun

Steeped in isolation
shaped by tremulous bursts of loosened passion and
deep chasms of disconnection
and silent ricocheted pealings of reverberation within my bones

Bandying about a frayed shuttlecock of self-preservation

I found my way in the company of trepidation, stumbling
and with elegance, courage and momentary forays into
unimagined midnight byways of my soul

I smelled the aroma of home
and in moments of exquisite disorientation
I turned away too soon
yet nonetheless I course-corrected and once again sallied forth

And you, too, will find your way

You will swoop and sway
you will rise and you will fall
and you will continue to move forward
as the known and familiar crumbles around you,
you will sense impending rebirth and you will hunger
even as your body rears up in rebellion
as your mind unwinds in a final, dizzying dance of dissolution
as everything you hold dear is whisked away on a jetstream
of remembering the unforgotten
and releasing the deeply unimportant

In pockets of peace you will find your way

In the space between breaths you will find your way

Beset by dogged apprehension
exhausted and draped in forlorn resignation
you will find your way,
nestled in the space between dulcet tones
creeping, soaring, motionless
you will find your way,
everything you need will appear
at the precise moment you truly need it
everyone you ached to meet on the road
will wordlessly step into view
and amid the raucous reconnecting with all that you
once consigned to a dusty and lamenting shelf,
all that you handed over willingly
or lost through calculated extraction
will inhabit your thirsting spirit once more

and you will find your way


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