morning of the letting go (audio poetry 4:25)

written 2008, audio created 2014

Grandmother speaks
Open to words unspoken
The silent voicing of ten thousand tongues,
She speaks no language
So all may hear
All may know

Grandmother speaks
No greater change Mother Earth shall know
Than the shifting of one human heart
No inner rumbling, deep volcano
Tidal wave of glacial ices
Rivers swelled with blood of nations
Blackened sky from man’s great fires,
All pale beside the hearts rejoicing
Sudden jolt of true connecting
Open gates, let forth the waves
Of crystal waters, cleansing rain

Grandmother knows
Your knowings, too!
The tender breath of sleeping fawn
The clear pale hues of morning dawn
Splashed broad across the mesa.
Feet reddened by soft clay
O Thanks, Sweet One, for softened clay
For hands that shape Grandfather’s bowl
For arms that sweep the dance floor clear
For bellies, pressed to grass, to stone, to tree,
To skin, to belly warm

Grandmother whispers
The hearing is the being
Where shifting forms dance shadows
On a cavern wall
In dark triangles moss grows heavy
Sheerest shard of light, of life
Let go, let go
Let go, let go
Bear waits to dance
To swim in honey,
Roll in meadows flecked by flower, herb and bee
To roar a song too long forgotten
Simply Bear to be

Grandmother sings
Now join her!
In cold, dark north where death takes life
With no attachment to creation
To spin again the wheel
It turns
Toward sun’s first greeting
Life’s new dawn,
Soft deer runs swift
‘Cross autumn’s meadow
Approaching Home with bounding joy
And overhead Hawk circles round
As wing-ed beings fill the sky

Upon the Earth Grandmother waits
To speak
To know
To whisper
Her heart is heavy,
Her only want
To know if we are listening

When healthy wood at feet is lain
And wings unleashed
And with them pain
Of many long remembered days
Of speaking with no listening,
Then I shall know the story
And I shall live the truth
And you shall know the ancient heart
And you shall live the truth
And we shall know The All, The One
The rainbow bridge
Grandmother’s web

And we are now the All, the One

And Now we are the Truth.

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