you are the alpha and the omega (audio 4:46)

First posted 2016 as “There Comes A Time”

There comes a time when words ring insufficient
When a melody larger than life
presents in immeasurable reverberation
And what once loomed so very large
Within your wildly limited frame of reference
Seeps out in holy compression
through a cleft you viewed with compassionate disdain

Until suddenly, after untold millennia,
after crawling through wormholes of your own making
while you forgot how to fly,
there comes a time that the glow of your own reflection
outshines every recalcitrant shadow
and takes up celestial position as the brightest,

most radiant star in the sky

And you know
in a way of knowing that you never knew before,
That seekers for time out of mind
have navigated by the light you carry,
By the lantern of your illumined and glistering heart
While you waited for the passing ship
carrying the longheld promise
of all that you held dear,

That for all your clamoring to locate the codes
and cultivate the forest of all-knowing life,
To dig through the dirt for the dropped keys
and dust-beaten jewels bearing ancient secrets,
You failed to notice what you never needed to learn,
Only to remember,
That you are the alpha and the omega,

The map and the path and the journey
The way and the light,
That you need only shuck off the toilsome cloaks
heaped upon your weary shoulders
Peel back the hardened membrane
entrapping your tender spirit,
Evict whatever lies and misbegotten memories
have burrowed into your interior loam,
And set down forevermore the sticks and stones
that have roughened your spirit
in a misguided search for refuge

You carry within you every truth
you have ached to understand,

Every song you have chosen not to sing
Every step of the dance
inscribed on the soles of your feet
Every beat and breath of your heart
Has been shaping galaxies for eternity
while you looked and listened
and searched in another direction

There comes a time when you know
In a way of knowing that you never knew before
You carry within you every truth
you have ached to understand

And simply by choosing it so,
and choosing again and again,
letting fly the twin flocks of fear and apprehension,
Your quiet truth lights the way, blessing the unseen
and uncoiling the ribbon of everlasting life

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