You Are Creation’s Favorite Lover (audio 3:13)

All heaven’s angels weep today
Release, rejoice, they light your way
To fond embrace, you’ve felt their kiss
And steeped in wonder asked of this
Anointing touch, you’ve felt them near ~
That knowing sense, the lifting fear

You rush to define, to quantify
To ponder what and who and why
Yet while your mind dost creak, then grind
You lose the thread, remain behind,
Midst the everyday, the push, the hustle
You miss the exquisite wings in tender rustle
The rose in radiant blush, the butterfly’s flutter
Have you forgotten you are Creation’s favorite lover?

It is for you the sun rises, the lily blooms,
You are never alone, there are no empty rooms ~
The sea, the tides, they churn for you
In your name the sky turns grey, then blue,
For those who listen, the message sounds
In colors, tones, there are no bounds ~
The cords, the ties – unloose them all!
The rise returns, yet first, the fall

All heaven’s angels ache to enfold
Your wounds, your scars, to wrap in gold
Your broken heart, tracks marked by sorrow
To surround you with love today, tomorrow,
From angel lips pour nectar golden
To slake your thirst, revive, embolden
From muted, tame, to fragrant, wild
Have you forgotten you are Creation’s
most favored child?

This blessed moment do not deny
Look up! Look there! The angels fly
Among the birds, beyond all knowing
For you, adoration overbrimming, flowing
Your quickening heart let free at last
Beyond the bonds of future, past
This sacred rousing do not seek to quell
You were born in Love to forever dwell.

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