she believes herself (audio 1:48)

ostensibly unaware
m’lady plucks three roses from their thorny roost
gingerly unpeels each peach-blushed petal
lavishes in an intoxicant aroma

a clamoring of angels fills the sky
she believes herself to be alone

incessantly introspective
m’lady probes without pause the castle within
draws back beribboned drapes
to spy upon lingering assumptions,
“Whose walls are these?” she wonders

the surrounding hillside garners no notice
she believes only the flutterings of her own heart

incontrovertibly insouciant
m’lady gazes reluctantly toward unseen apparitions
feigns interest even as she issues a fervent blasé
the company of heaven rushes forth to embosom her,
yearns for but one touch of her warmed flesh

she believes she is dreaming the life of a dream

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