9 things i promise you

With this blog, I promise thee:

1. Honest wisdom, minus the wisecracks — because there’s more than enough of those to go around already.

2. Respect for your time and attention — because these are precious commodities never to be squandered.

3. Tolerance and a listening for what you have to say — as long as you say it with a modicum of grace and a heaping helping of kindness.

4. No screaming, no shouting, no ranting, no whining. (No foolin’!) If you must, take it outside.

5. No recipes, no cats wearing clothes, no revelations regarding my hair, clothes, or breakfast choices. I won’t tell you what music I’m listening to at any given moment in time — as long as I can count on you to reciprocate in kind.

6. I will do everything in my power to toss uplifting, soul-nourishing, provocative, intelligent, entertaining, and inspiring nuggets gently in your direction. The choice to catch them, dodge them, deny them, or deride them, is yours alone.

7. If I lose my passion for this blog and begin to spout banal, superficial, boring, trite, irrelevant effluent, I will stop immediately (and sooner if you wave scarlet-hued flags in my direction). Paper towels may aspire to display a high level of self-absorption, but human beings never should.

8. If I misstep and stumble or fall over any of these promises, I promise to forgive myself for being human and hope that you will, too.

9. This whole “being human” thing? I’ll address it at a future date. Promise!

2 thoughts

  1. Hi Rachel!
    Your site and blog are wonderful! Thank you for inviting me to visit. This is great!. I will put it on my list of favorites! Sincerely, Stephanie Graham, Founder and Director of the Mt. Everest Mind Camp


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