arouse from your slumber

Arouse From Your Slumber (by Rachel Snyder) was selected as one of the 12 poems in the Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share:

3 thoughts

  1. “how is it that you so willingly grovel at the feet of survival
    yet keep love’s glory waiting at the door?”
    Thank you! More encouragement needed to answer my inner call more fully…


    1. You are welcome, heartflow2012! I love the thought that you are prowling around my site while I sleep. Very grateful that JM paved the way for you and others to visit. Blessings…


      1. The line I quoted above helped me in the meanwhile to come to the decision to leave my present “income generating activity” (the particular care-giver assignment) and open up to the unknown of “love’s glory waiting at the door”.


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