Be Filled With Faith: a book to strengthen your spirit

Published in 2010 by Boulder, Colorado-based Blue Mountain Press,
this book is universally spiritual though not religious.

From Rachel’s Introduction:

Faith is a precious commodity that money can’t buy.
It must be cultivated from within — nurtured by an open heart and
lifted up by a willing spirit. Faith won’t suddenly show up
on your doorstep one day, but when you prepare the way for faith,
you may be astonished at the inner strength that becomes yours.
You’ll feel more empowered —
better able to navigate life’s unexpected twists and turns
with less stress and a greater sense of peace.

From strong spirit, strong faith is born.
When you are filled with faith, you may find yourself being
patient, awestruck, and unafraid of your fears.
You may be humble, bold, connected, forgiving,
and exactly who you are.
Your faith will express itself in ways seen and unseen
by those around you, and you may even surprise yourself.
Most importantly, you will discover an endless source of support
that can carry you through times of great challenge
as well as great joy.

Each page of this book offers a powerful way in which you can
reinforce your faith — whether it be through patience,
gratitude, forgiveness, or simply opening your heart to
welcome faith in. Read a passage whenever you’re in need of a little
support, comfort, or a gentle reminder of all that faith offers.
Let the author’s words speak to your soul, nourish your spirit,
and help you live each day filled with faith.

Whether you’re looking to sustain a faith that is already strong,
renew a faith you’ve lost sight of, or simply explore
what faith means to you, this book will help you experience the joy,
peace, and strength that come from being filled with faith.

The words of well-being in this book provide meaningful ways
you can invite more faith into your life.
Some passages may spur you into action;
others may lead you to quiet reflection.
You may be awakened to new ideas and passions,
or you may be moved to let go of beliefs that no longer serve you.

~   ~   ~

Be Unafraid of Your Fears
Fear shows up in a multitude of disguises.
On some level, you may even fear creating a life
of greater love and happiness . . .

Be Searching

You can eventually uncover what you’re searching for,
though it may not always be precisely what
you believe you set out to find . . .

Be a Blessing
When you openly express your gratitude
for the blessings that abound in your life,
faith expands for you and for all who hear your expression . . .

Be Filled with Faith

Carry faith in your heart that everything happens for a reason.
Then keep the faith that it’s not always yours
to know exactly what that reason may be . . .

This book is available through booksellers or from (linked to cover image above), barnes&,
or from the publisher at (linked to interior page image above).

3 thoughts

  1. Hi Trish,
    I remember you! I’m delighted that you are enjoying “Be Filled with Faith.” Fortunately, my tiny rural community was spared during the summer/early fall fire season, but the drought continues to create hardship for the region’s ranchers and farmers. In turn, I sincerely hope that you and yours have made it through the worst of Hurricane/Storm Sandy. Thanks for getting in touch!


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