be whole now:the mission

Be whole now.

It’s not an order; it’s an invitation.

To be whole now means that in this very moment, you consciously seek to reconnect the fragmented parts of yourself that have frayed or pulled loose or disconnected in the tumult of life.

It means that you do what you can to fill the gap between your inner self and the persona you present to the world. It means assiduously nourishing your bodymindspiritsoul. Quenching your deepest thirsts. Relentlessly honoring every part of who you are and what you’ve experienced, and constantly renewing your desire to live a full-spectrum life.

Whole is wise and discerning. Strong and vulnerable. Grounded and soaring. Whole asks you to weave together the strands of your existence into a glorious cloth – and to step back and recognize yourself as an exquisite work of art in the making.

Wholeness grows whenever any one of us commits to be whole now. To summon up our courage so we may stop holding back and begin letting forth. Whenever any of us says “Look! This is me, and this, and this…,” then every one of us receives the opportunity to respond in like measure.

Your presence here allows me to dance my own personal dance of wholeness, while also beckoning you to join in. Together, may we experience the support, the joy, and the sense of community that emboldens us all to be whole now.

Journey deep. Listen well. Make peace. Evolve.

2 thoughts

  1. Yay, Planet Utah heard from! At least in spirit, if not in body. (Or is that out-of-body?) Love your picture, too. What is it with western women writers and the black and skin thing? Consider yourself about-to-be-added to the Blogroll. That gorgeous picture of the land we love best is a breath of delicious, fresh air.


  2. Hey sexy lady,

    Finally! I wondered when you would enter the blogosphere. Your words are appreciated and beautiful and funny as always. I love seeing them. And yes, that picture of you is wonderful! Keep writing, my dear, and do feel free to contact/email me anytime.


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