find your light in unlikely places (winter solstice ’08)

Wherever Home is, go there now
The map has been etched upon your soul for eons
Fire has been laid
Nourishment calls your name
Do not disappoint her

You will be greeted by outstretched arms
Tender songs of welcome
Eyes that remember how to see
Blossoms await your gathering
Do not delay the journey

Unpack before you go
Bring nothing save your soul’s inextinguishable flame
Your heart’s desire to Love
Your body ripe for new beginnings
Ancient stories ache to sing your ears awake
Do not let this moment pass unnoticed

Wrap your fears in golden thread
Bury them where they will do no harm
Bless them and bid farewell
Find your light in unlikely places
Do not return to that which is not yours

Whichever road you follow, travel beyond form
Silent voices speak your name
Old, rusted boxes collapse and crumble
Jewels carpet the landscape before you
Do not look the other way.

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