i yam what i yam

I’m not a tuber, but I’ve eaten plenty in my lifetime.

I’ve also lived, loved, worked, played, and hung around the intersection of joy and sorrow — sometimes all in the space of one very full day.

Jobs? I’ve had plenty. Children? One of each kind, pretty close to being all grown up. One marriage, one divorce, and one utterly resilient heart that has withstood countless occasions of aching, cracking, breaking, and expanding.

Call me Ishmael, and you’ll get no reply. Call me writer, muse, inspiratrix (in-SPIR-a-trix), artist, mystic, seeker, and you’re likely to see sparkles in the sky and a radiant light emanating from the top of my head.

Invite me to dance, to touch the face of Creation, to weave a magic spell, to laugh or to cry, and I will remember you always.

I’d rather go barefoot than wear shoes. Prefer to walk rather than drive (except, of course, on road trips of known or unknown destination). More often than not I’ll choose used over new, simple over adorned, dusty over polished, the NY Times crossword puzzle over sudoku. I find peace in the rhythm of empty, full, empty, full, empty, full and I relish the territory marked by beginnings, endings, and edges, which offer a leaping-off point absent from the landscape of deep center.

In my universe, every pain is an opportunity to heal, every conflict an invitation to bushwhack my way toward peace. My security is measured by how close I come nose-to-nose with my personal version of God on a regular basis; my wealth resides in each and every step I take toward freedom.

I Am that I Am — and I never stop yearning for that to be enough.

6 thoughts

  1. Hi Rachel,
    How touching the Willie Nelson song was. I read the newest angel poem then went to watch the U-Tube presentation of What if …angel? Wow! Music and visuals. Very nice. nora


  2. Rachel, we are having a Mind, Body, & Soul sisterhood luncheon and would like to get copies of Words of Wisdom for Women or 365 Words of Well-Being For Women. Please contact me


  3. Nina,

    I would say you are already on your way!

    Keep exploring the words and images here at Be Whole Now, and also check out some of the other LINKS/BLOGROLL in my right-hand sidebar. Be aware of what lights you up, what feels right and good and true and “like Home.” The more you listen to what your heart and soul tell you, the more you will find and meet and connect with people whose desire to evolve, to live in the Light, is in alignment with your own. They’re looking for you in the same way you are looking for “them.”

    What part of the world are you in? I wouldn’t be surprised if there are people “like me” closer than you think. In the meantime, you are always welcome here!


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