if you feel lost and alone…

NASA image of starburst galaxy Messier 82

If you feel lost and alone,
You must remove your blinders and see!
There are allies stationed around you,
Legions of light poised to stave off interference
And an endless supply of love to anoint your every scrape and scar.

If you feel that you have been cast adrift in murky waters,
You must turn your gaze in another direction!
There are shafts of brilliance penetrating the darkness,
Beacons of light sweeping the horizon
And a beckoning doorway to safe passage and the comfort of deep home.

If you feel a mismatch to your very existence,
Tethered to oppressive ballast while true attachment eludes you,
Held at bay just outside the open doorway to your dreams,
Shackled to ancient pain that feels not of your own making
You must choose a different way!
There are armies of support waiting patiently beyond the limits of your imagination,
Formless forces ready to work through the night to soothe your unsettled being,
Deftly stitch the tattered strings of your heart
Resuscitate a spirit wan and pale
And reweave a soul wearied by compromise.

Every misstep is worthy of forgiveness,
For every drama, the curtain falls and order is restored,
Resolution peeks out from behind a rusted gate,
Eager to clasp hands with conflict and confrontation.

Creation in all its infinite glory has not forsaken you,
The skies teem with every manner of assistance you have ever dared to pray for!
Etched upon each is your name and eternal address,
The spark that ignites your reborning but this:

Your cry: I am ready!
The moment is love.

10 thoughts

  1. Thank you! I really needed to hear this. Too much going on in my life not of my making or choosing. Although I have made some shifts, apparently it isnt enough. I have neglected what I needed for so long to help those in my life that are sick, I forgot me. Thanks again.


  2. Beautifully written, a reminder that there is a greater consciousness and awareness which we are all a part of and, if we open to it, at one with. It reminds me of a song that arrived in my life when I was in the depths of sorrow, and inspired a slideshow I posted to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CHViw2EQsX4
    The song is “You’re Not Alone” by Sarah Slean http://www.sarahslean.com. She’s an incredibly insightful and inspiring songwriter – I think you’d like her, rachel :-)
    Thank you for sharing your inner beauty and wisdom with the world.


  3. so many need to breathe in these words at this moment on the planet…thank you for eloquently applying the balm through your keystrokes…xoxo


  4. Tessa,

    May your faith continue to strengthen you, and your light continue to shine through whatever darkness you may find yourself in. You possess interior riches that can (and will) carry you anywhere you wish to go. Follow your heart and remain aligned with All that you know to be true and real. Your kind words are indeed a gift, and I am grateful.


  5. WOW!! How awesome is our GOD? Thank you once again, Rachel. I wholeheartedly believe my heavenly Father, has chosen to place you in my path to reflect HIS glory. Every word in your response resonates with me. The words, “be still” have been throw @ me nearly on a daily basis, whether on billboards, in magazine articles, through scripture or just through words of encouragement. To hear u say it is almost as if from GOD’s mouth to my ear. I thank you sincerely and believe that GOD has blessed you with an amazing role on this earth in providing light in a wilderness of darkness to the lost, hurt, destitute and hopeless, through your amazing gift with words. May the LORD bless you and keep you. I know no-one is promising me instant solutions and cures but i definitely feel much better than i did yesterday and i feel blessed and i know where i can go when i need to re-arm. I hope and pray many more will feel the warm embrace of your words on their bitterly cold, dark night. Thank you.


  6. i am in such a dark space right now and it is like every beautiful word here was written just for me. God bless the person who wrote it. i am certain many a lost person will find comfort in it. please pray for me as i desperately need to find the light. i can’t seem to find my way out of this darkness and i am trapped in a maze. i can’t even hear God’s voice anymore cos i am making the same mistakes over and over again. i am so weak.


    1. @TESSA,

      I wrote those words so that you could find them today. And you did. Remember that even when you feel alone and adrift, you have not been forsaken by your God. Even when you can’t hear the messages you yearn for, know that your God remains with you and that you are held in a loving embrace by All That Is. Whatever or whoever guided you here today, knew what they were doing. Desperation will not attract the love and light you seek. Be still and breathe. Allow peace to find you.

      Here’s another piece that can strengthen your troubled spirit:







    1. Yes, and I really needed to hear your kind words right now, today. So, thank you!

      Let me know when the energy shifts for you. Because it will. It absolutely will.

      Love returned in equal measure.


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