this fragile web

This Fragile Web (by Rachel Snyder) was selected as one of the 12 poems in the Words Divinely Wrought Global Poetry-Share:

5 thoughts

  1. It’s this level of tenderness that I long to achieve in the bulk of my work. I am particularly drawn to your stanza about the moon at dawn. It’s my favorite time to watch the moon and mornings without it are missing something in my opinion. I love to watch the black fade and to see the sun and moon share the sky for a while.

    However that’s hardly the crux of your message, and the message isn’t lost on me. Life is fragile and there is no promise that our sun sets softly. It’s incredible how naturally you have the reader swallow this, it’s not usually a sweet medicine. However, you manage it with your beautiful tapestry of word and image. A perfect marriage of the somber and the bright.

    I am moved.


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