unlimited consciousness for the otherwise occupied

this is how it happens

you empty the half-filled jar of embodied eccentricity
watch the contents of your consciousness spill over the causeway

and reach for a limp and vinegar-tinged rag
to wipe the kitchen counter

you marvel at the tidepool teeming with incalculable thoughtforms
ponder organisms of unknown origin
feel the breath of wonder catch ever so slightly
on a jutted knob of ancient knowing

and you pause in the presence of grandeur
for an incoming text of (allegedly) great import

for a split second eternity licks at your heartstrings
plucks at the previously taut and inaccessible
from caverns beneath your ribs flows the unfinished symphony that bears your name

perhaps you were pressing the pound key
and failed to notice

from your very mouth the kiss of life sounds forth a translucent vibrato
you blink
flooding the remnants of vestigial fins and tail
watering the dry and dusty

remembering each exquisite moment that has traveled the meridian highway
and instantly forgetting same because, ya know, it’s just not a good time

your inclination for inquisition sated
you get the vast sweep of eternity’s reach
tumbling amidst a roiling tide
every fingerling burnished to a fine gleam

yet you flinch in the eye of recombinant becoming
glance mindlessly at the clock
the numbers add up to absolutely everything
mean nothing

this is how it happens

you are visited by the limitless unfolding of All-That-Is
shown worlds within worlds
asked to consider the majesty of your existence

oh never mind
perhaps you are busy right now

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