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My book, “Words of Wisdom for Women,” which is the Barnes & Noble/Fall River Press hardcover (w/jacket) version of “365 Words of Well-Being for Women,” is back in stock at after a lengthy absence.cover of WWWThe interior of this book is identical to the original “365 Words,” with a different title, different cover, and the hardcover format. And, because it’s a B&N Special Value book, it sells for $7.98. The original softcover book, still readily available at and all over the Internet, retails for $12.95.

Here’s what several reader/reviewers have to say:

…one of those hidden treasures I enjoy discovering in this day and age, where there seems to be so much repetition within the personal development literature section.

Each definition of these ‘common’ words that fill our daily lives, reflects a gentle compassion, empathy and inspiration in equal measure. They touch us through our past experiences, challenge us to rethink the hereto ‘acceptable behaviors’ that have been placed around the feminine, while lifting our spirits to that magical place that can only be found within joy and the ability to laugh at ourselves and our experiences.


I have been astonished by this book. It is literary, with a reverence for words, their meaning, and their power. It is also helpful, providing thousands of insights about how to live without constraint, honestly, according to your own wisest desires. But it’s also something else. It has an uncanny ability to reach into your heart and transform you. I’ve had two insights worth hours with a shrink, all sparked by a couple of bracingly clear sentences about a couple of words rich with meaning and power.


I counsel women who are presently in or have been in abusive198417491.jpg relationships. The last 5 minutes of the support group session I read one or two of these inspiring pages. These women enjoy these readings so much and even ask me to type them up and hand them out as daily reminders of the strength they have gained and hope they have for their future. Thank-you for this!


Although I admit I prefer the beautiful, illustrated cover of the original “365 Words of Well-Being for Women”, I thank B&N for their version – which pushed sales of this book (so far) to over 100,000 copies. I know what you’re thinking: If you’ve sold that many books, how come you’re not rich and/or famous?”

That’s a topic for another post, another time…

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