your word of the day: empty

Pour it out. Dump it out. Throw it out. Empty every bag, box, and bureau. Empty every closet, every corner, every cupboard, every cell. Pull it out. Drag it out. Clean it out. Clear it out. Spread it out, sort it out. Look at what you’ve collected, what you’ve stored, what you carry around with you every day of your life. Empty out the old, the unwanted, the unusable. Empty out the pain, the heartache, the memories. Empty everything that offers nothing. Leave things empty for a while. Feel empty. Feel the lack. Feel your way through the nothingness, until at last you feel ready to fill.
From 365 Words of Well-Being for Women (McGraw-Hill 1997), and
Words of Wisdom for Women (Fall River Press 2003).

3 thoughts

  1. Gurlfriend, I have spent most of my life exploring “empty.” *laughs* Even in those empty places I learned how to be full. ;)

    Love your Blog, and thanks for visiting “HomeSpun Healers.”



  2. Carlos, you are too kind. I added your name to the Blogroll so others can connect with your transformative and healing art. Your work with the sacred geometry of the labyrinth is a gift to the entire planet.


  3. Thanks Rachel, as a friend you have inspired me and helped me keep the faith in spirit. I can say that “emptying” can be very healing. Having, literally leaving 90% of my material belongings to others, it felt like a weight taken off my shoulders, physically, mentally, emotionally… room for the spirit to grow. You are in my prayers daily, I wish for you only the best. Love and Namaste’, Carlos


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