times are tight and so’s my neck

One of my dearest friends has decided to gift me by contributing to a monthly massage – and today’s the day! I couldn’t be more grateful.

Here’s the Massage page from my book, “365 Words of Well-Being for Mothers” (McGraw-Hill 2002). The book is currently out-of-print, but you can find cheap, not-entirely-perfect copies alll over the Internet. (Even better, you can connect me with a publisher who can breathe new life into this heretofore underappreciated gem.)



Here are ten reasons why it’s time for you to get a massage:

1. Because you carry thirty-five pounds of child on your hip every day and your load is only getting heavier.

2. Because after an eighteen-hour day, you stay up at the computer into the wee hours, working on your first novel and working your neck and shoulders into a tizzy.

3. Because you deserve a full hour where the focus is all about you and the music is as soft and sweet as a lullaby.

4. Because your back has never been quite the same since you moved the sofa in a rearranging frenzy.

5. Because all you have to do is lie there.

6. Because the gift certificate expires in three days and your sister-in-law will never forgive you if you waste it.

7. Because you’re starving to be touched without having to touch back.

8. Because you want to thank your body for all it does for you every single day.

9. Because you want it, plain and simple.

10. Because once this massage is over, you can schedule yourself for the next.

Get the message? Massage!

3 thoughts

  1. Donlyn’s storytelling WAS a magical event. And wonderful in the way that others of us in the audience were able to link our stories into yours. It makes a fabric of community, analogous to that beautiful quilt you generously donated to the historical society. Now I’ll explore your website also.


  2. Thanks, Donlyn, and thank you for keeping history alive. Some say the world isn’t made up of atoms — it’s made up of stories. Drop by often!


  3. Oh Rachel – welcome to the blog world! I am so happy that I can visit you here. I love your writing, your vision, your book of 365 words of wisdom. You inspire me. I had a storytelling event in Niwot yesterday for their historical society – it was truly magical. You popped into my mind a couple of times as I shared the spirit of Niwot as it was in 1896. Thank you for all your encouragement and love. — Donlyn, Homestead Gal, http://www.HomesteadOrigins.com


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