your word of the day: intuit

Rely on your sixth sense and bypass your brain altogether. If it feels like a good idea, it probably is. If your internal danger signs start flashing and blinking, it probably isn’t. Trust your intuition. Honor your gut instinct — that inkling that rises up from your belly and tugs and tugs at you until you finally pay attention. If your intuition tells you not to get on the plane, don’t. If that inner voice tells you to walk away from a person or a situation, do. Rely on your intuition and it will serve you well. Intuit the answer; intuit the way out. Intuit the solution to problems large or small. Cultivate your intuition. Believe in it as the reliable and accurate tool it is — and ignore anyone who believes it to be anything else. I can’t explain why, but something tells me you can get intuit. How does that feel to you?

From Words of Wisdom for Women (Fall River Press) and 365 Words of Well-Being for Women (McGraw-Hill/Contemporary), by Rachel Snyder.

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  1. Yes, but a bright and brilliant dork nonetheless. For those of you who don’t know Christian Marcus Lyons, seek him out on the BLOGROLL to the right. It’s a portal to his (ahem) unconventional genius and his literary creating, mentoring, coaching, and therapy. Christian also facilitates writing critique groups and salons in the Denver/Boulder region. We almost always see eye to eye. Get it? Eye? Okay, I’m a…


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