flux is not a 4-letter word

Are you feeling the flux? Whether it’s global upheavals, economic plungings, political roller-coastering, kung-foo-fighting astrological influences, or the vibrational impacts of human consciousness busting out of its skin, there’s a whole lot of somethin’ goin’ on! Call it what you want; we’re not in Kansas anymore. (Unless, of course, you’re in Kansas.)

I know people who are ready to move – but they don’t know where they’re headed. (Oh wait, that would be me.) I have friends who are ready to leave their jobs – but for what, they can’t tell. You yourself may be feeling a restlessness, a desire to fling off old relationships, old familiar patterns, old ways of dealing with conflict. (If you have a compulsion to fling off old clothes while you’re still wearing them, that’s something I’m not licensed to deal with.)

For many, flux is nothing but chaos and confusion marked by clouds of indecision and uncertainty. “Can we just get back to a steady and predictable course?” they cry. “I want to know who I am, what I’m supposed to be doing, who I’m supposed to be doing it with! And I want to know now!”

I’m here to tell you that you might need to wait a bit more. I’m here to suggest that the more you fight flux, the worse it gets. Like the saying goes, “What you resist, persists.” What if you could view flux as a temporary state that always leads to something? One thing ends; another begins. Something expands; something else lessens. Clarity presents itself and decisions are made or not made and suddenly, you’re in a new place, a new job, with new friends, doing something you might never have imagined. There’s surely a universal law that dictates that when your life is no longer in flux, it’s gone somewhere else.

Think of a snow globe with a tiny village inside. You shake it up and snow flies wildly around in every direction, and it’s impossible to see anything. (Be thankful you’re not driving around the narrow streets of that tiny village: You’d be totally disoriented!) Eventually, though, everything settles down. The truth at the center of the chaos is revealed and you can once again see where you’re headed.

Shaking things up harder and harder, over and over, never solves a thing. But patience does. Trusting that all will be revealed, does. And the willingness to ride out the discomfort, absolutely does. Nothing is permanent; everything changes. So if everything feels all fluxxed up right now, rest assured that this, too, shall pass.

9 thoughts

  1. Susan,

    Beautiful sentiments, especially from a scientific mind. Making friends with Waiting is an art; you’ve captured it beautifully!


  2. Ah, Waiting.

    Waiting has been my own friend these past 6 years. I have learned the grace of it, and the value of having no choice but to focus on the next footstep. It seems like a creeping crawl, but every so often I turn around and see that I have covered miles.

    How different for me to measure progress in hindsight rather than in the distance measured from here to my next goal. It seems to me that over-the-shoulder progress is the real thing.

    Not for a minute to discount the value of the space between where I am and where I want to be. I call that a dream. Gotta have’em! Otherwise, what’s the point?

    But Waiting has a sweet cadence that sort of grows on you. I don’t mind anymore.


  3. Oh, flux. I love it. Even as I scream, “Get me back to what I used to know/be/want!,” I must admit that once in flux and allowing it to flow and unravel, it feels pretty good…Have you ever read Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes by William Bridges? Highly recommended reading for those in flux…those just leaving flux…those facing upcoming flux. Hmm, that would be all of us at one point or another, no? :)


  4. Christian,

    Welcome to my world! I love it when the whole world gets to be Piscean for a day, week, month or longer. Here’s what astrologer/teacher Robert Wilkinson suggests for these times: “…Ask your imagination to show you ways to view this turning point at Eternity Boulevard.” His site is for serious astrologers as well as those of us who can glean the gems we want from massive amounts of highly detailed information! http://www.aquariuspapers.com. I’ll add it to the Blogroll in the right-hand sidebar.


  5. My feeling is that we’re deep in the mysterious depths of Pisces, which allows us an all too rare glimpse at things that “might be,” and it makes us restless for those nebulous things that seem just beyond our grasp. As Pisces is directly connected to other realities, these tantalizing peeks can really ramp up our desire to do something different in our lives, in the world, or in the universe. As Winona Ryder said in “Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael,” It’s good to want things.


  6. Lindsay,

    Thanks for the visit (and the visit). The youtube video is powerful even for those of us who do not consider ourselves to be RonPaulians. Unfortunately, my somewhat ailing computer couldn’t handle all that power and energy, and crashed mid-vid. Glad to see you bringing your passion to the political change arena. We need hearts and minds like yours!


  7. Wow, nice seeing you and this is a lovely site. I hope to see more of you in this ever changing time. I will leave this for you..it should be fun. Perhaps you will be there? For anyone ready for a good old fashion peace and freedom march..one is coming..
    Peace, L


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