only for men, or anyone who knows any

Here’s one for the boys! Now appearing daily (and nightly) in the Pages section on your right, manifesto: men, come alive!

2 thoughts

  1. Thanks, Christian,

    In my view, the journey toward wholeness includes integrating our inner, archetypal masculine and feminine aspects. And like you say, it is a delicate balance for us all. It’s hard to say who has had a harder time getting past the shackles of western cultural conditioning — those of us who inhabit male bodies, or those of us who live in the female form. May our compassion know no bounds!


  2. Thank you for this! So often it feels so elitist when women gather in any forum to discuss the fundamental changes in the universe, oftentimes excluding the men (my humble opinion only), when in fact, there are many evolved males on the planet who try to straddle the delicate balance between masculinity and femininity. Validation is always appreciated. Thanks for being brave enough to print this.


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