spotlight on shoulders

Shouldn’t something be said about shoulders? Broad shoulders with room enough to lean on and cry on and sit on to see above the crowd. Shoulders that carry sleepy toddlers up the stairs, and fifty-pound backpacks down into the canyon. Shoulders bent and a bit droopy from trying to carry the weight of the world, because someone once told him he should. Because someone once told him a man shouldn’t lean on anybody. Because someone once told him a man should be strong enough to support his family. It’s what a man should be, they said. Shoulders locked in place from too many shoulds. Shoulders sore from sitting hunched over too long in front of a computer. Shoulders tight and tense from too many hours putting shoulder to the wheel and nose to the grindstone. Shoulders that freeze and pull the first time he decides he really should get out and play tennis. Really should pump iron for a while. Really should spread his wings and fly. We wrap our arms around shoulders and hang sports jackets on shoulders and stand shoulder-to-shoulder when the going gets tough. Shouldn’t something be said about shoulders?

Excerpted from What There Is To Love About A Man, by Rachel Snyder (Sourcebooks, 1999). Currently out-of-print, although you can find used and remainder copies (bearing a black mark on the cover or spine) for pennies on the dollar here as well as over here. Eight cents for the book and $3.99 for shipping: Such a deal!

2 thoughts

  1. Christian,

    Thanks for the props! I don’t know of any other book out there, written by a woman, that celebrates and honors masculine qualities of body, mind and spirit like this one. Alas, when it came out in 1999, men and women alike were unprepared for such a concept. “What There Is To Love About A Man? Guffaw! Is it a blank book?” I appeared on nearly 90 radio shows and had a grand time, but the interviews never translated into sales. Women were still too angry; men were weary from the constant barrage of male-bashing in the media and the culture. With the right agent, the right publisher, or the right investor, I’d love to see this material revived, repackaged, and re-issued. We all need extra lovin’ up!


  2. I highly recommend this book for all men (and women) who want to honor the male of the species in any way. Wonderfully insightful and appropriate. Thank you for your wonderful words!


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