eclectica by the numbers

This blog is a tad over a week old, so let’s have soup! Herewith, some bits of this and pieces of that:

609 Pageviews on this blog in its first week. It could be that I paid one person to click and click for days, but I’m so much more optimistic (and frugal) than that. Thanks for your out-of-the-starting-gate support, and keep on visiting!

93 Comments (and counting) snagged when San Francisco literary agent Nathan Bransford posed the question, “How do you revise?” Good stuff for writers at any level. You’ll find it on his blog right here.

96,675 Greeting Cards by yours truly sold in 2007 by Boulder, Colorado,-based Blue Mountain Arts. They’re all in the new, lighter, more whimsical Thoughts of Life line: one for Husband, one for Son, and an inspirational card entitled Believe. A fourth card, Remember Who You Are, is set for release in June, along with a 2009 calendar that includes a reprise of the Believe prose. I also have entries in nearly two handsful of their heart-tugging anthologies. To find out where you might be able to find my cards, contact these customer service folks. I suggest you call them; their website is under some renovation. If you want to hear more about my experience with this homegrown Boulder publisher, just holler. Warning: It ain’t (sic) no slam-dunk!

5 Cycles of Yes I Will, No I Won’t, regarding sharing this post from the Mother Jones magazine blog. It poses the question, “Is There Satanic Symbolism in the GOP’s logo?” I promise not to do politics here very often, but this just cracked me up. If someone finds a similar treatise on the Dem logo, I’ll share that one, too!

3 Degrees of Separation between you and Catherine Ryan Hyde, acclaimed author of Pay It Forward (You know you saw the movie if you didn’t read the book!) Her latest release, Chasing Windmills (Doubleday), was hailed as “simple and captivating” by Publishers Weekly. “Hyde writes evocatively of the visceral nature of first love,” says School Library Journal. Learn more about this novel, billed as adult fiction and also containing some Young Adult over/undertones, plus Hyde’s other titles, at her website right here.

7 thoughts

  1. Well I am from europe and I found your blog through wordpress tag surfer on my wordpress dashboard. I guess if you already have a professional network those people will be more interested in visiting your blog. You might be surprised at how long it takes to show up on search engines, my blog already shows up on the front page for ‘rekindled’ on google uk.


  2. Julie,

    So when do you foresee being WC-bound? (As if the place operates in anything akin to linear time!) More on my writing projects later..So great to have you grace these pages…


  3. Leafless, Rekindled,

    Because of my published books and other creative ventures in Colorado and other areas of the US, I have a wee bit of a following. On my third day in the blogosphere, I sent email “blogbirth announcements” to over 220 people whose names were in my address book. A good number of them are people I have met or communicated with personally in some setting. So I had a pretty huge day, with visitors wanting to check out multiple posts and pages and driving up the page view count. Who knows how many of my email invitations actually reached their destinations? I imagine it will be quite a while before I show up on any search engines, though I am starting to take steps in that direction. My question back at you is: How did you find your way here? Looks like at least one of you is from Europe — quite a leap for this emerging community. Welcome! Visit often. And bring a friend or ten. And oh, by the way: Yeah, I’ve got that mojo thing goin’ on, too!


  4. Hey lady,

    Nice job in your blog’s first week of life! Fun little munchkins, aren’t they? I’m starting two more…one will be about that most miraculous and frustrating and beautiful and bizarre of places…you know it…the blog will be called As the County Turns, to be launched when I move back there. I expect you to be a guest writer on it, m’dear, with all your quirky and fun perspectives!

    Anyhoo, happy blog launching. What else are you writing these days? Do drop me an email sometime. Hey, and that’s a hell of a lot of greeting cards.


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