ordinary oracles: the tao of automobiles

Why travel to Delphi to consult the oracle — when you can find all the answers you’re looking for behind the wheel of your car? All you need to do is “listen well,” one of the four main tenets of the be whole now philosophy.

For years, I’ve been collecting material for a someday-book called Vehicle For Change: What Your Car Is Telling You About Your Life. And no, it’s not a joke book (at least not entirely!). Where early peoples once turned to the natural environment for signs, omens, visions and assorted winky-winks from the All-There-Is, contemporary humans can glean similar wisdom from their cars, trucks and motorcycles (not to mention their kitchen utensils, bathroom fixtures, and computers, but that’s another day and another post).

I actually offered some on-air readings on a local auto-talk radio show some years back. The host called me in one Saturday morning so I could regale listeners (all, what, 4 of them?) with my uncanny ability to diagnose people’s love lives, job issues, and personal blocks by hearing them utter things like “I can’t get my car to go in reverse,” “My right windshield wiper flew off in a storm!”, or the so-ubiquitous-as-to-be-ridiculous, “No matter what I do, I can’t seem to shift out of neutral!”

I’m ready to move this material forward, and I need your help. Is your vehicle having issues with power, speed, control, shifting, vision/visibility, alignment, grounding? Trouble getting started? Clutch won’t engage? Battery dead? Sputtering? Frequent fender-benders? Oil leaks? Before the mechanic looks under the hood, maybe you should take a good, long look in the mirror.

Help me beta-test my theory. In your Comment, describe for me what’s going on with your car……and I’ll test-drive my ability to tell you what might be going on in your life. Disclaimer: Nothing I say should be construed as a bona fide diagnosis or promise of anything mechanical, medical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, financial, or physical.

Private to Carless in Colorado: Have you considered it’s time to start teleporting?

23 thoughts

  1. gia,

    Let the oracling re-begin!

    First, you. Most interesting that your question includes a telling typo — a “freudrivian slip” as it were. You wrote that your car was “attached”, and methinks you meant to say “attacked.” Of course, there are no throwaway lines: You were right all along.

    Healers and lightworkers are being targeted by all kinds of dark energies seeking to stop us in our tracks. Clearly, one or more of these troublesome entities attached itself to your vehicle to prevent you from moving forward with your work on behalf of the Light!

    I suspect you are working with energetic shields that have lost their impermeability. Given the massive shifting now underway, older shields are now vulnerable to attack, and it sounds as though your car needs a tuneup/clearing and reshielding upgrade to protect you permanently. (I recently had this procedure done to my 1995 Jeep, and if you contact me again, I will give you the name of a very qualified individual who can help you. Truly!)

    As for the sharply-defined scratches, have you considered the presence of some type of winged bird or mythical creature hellbent on leaving its calling card behind? Do you have some unfinished past life experiences?

    The attack you describe is commonly referred to as “being keyed”, as a handy car key is the weapon of choice. Unless you have recently broken up with a misguided lover, consider how/whether you are using the “keys” you have been given. Properly used, keys can unlock doors to new gateways and new opportunities. Did you unconsciously lose the keys to your greater happiness and peace?

    Same thing with the gaseous interruptus. There are clearly intruders in your tank, causing the nozzle to mistakenly believe that the tank is “full.” It’s full all right! Full of energetic disturbances caused by negative thoughtforms, hitchhiker energies, and more. They might be in your personal field as well: The more potent your healing work, the greater a target you may be.

    Have you amped up your vibrational frequency so that you are embodying more healing light, more love, and more pure Source energy than ever before? Are you actively creating Heaven on Earth in every moment — and assisting others in doing the same? Is it time for you to manifest a new vehicle that is aligned with the new, expanded version of YOU?

    My advice to you? Keep the windows rolled up; call in Archangel Michael for protection; and ask me about getting the energy shield upgrade. And for goodness sakes, steer clear of THEM ALL (the mall).

    As for your son — sounds as though he’s lost direction and not quite sure where to go with his life. Wheel bearings (if this is what you mean) allow the wheel to rotate on the axle spindle and move the car forward (or backward). Can’t get his bearings…can’t steer…possibly having trouble with movement. Oracle wouldn’t be surprised if he is dragging in more than one area of his life. He needs to get clear about where he wants to go, hitch up his pants like a man (since his belt can no longer do its job!) — and exit the highway of wavering and indecision. He might want to clean his windshields, too — all in the name of improved clarity…

    No book yet. It’s stuck in heavy creative traffic!!

    PS: Stop scratching your head — perhaps a change of shampoo??


  2. My friend Lexi above sent me to this site as a fun thread to read. I was thinking of submitting my son’s problems with his subaru recently but I don’t know the car part names (a belt broke and a bearing?). His comment was he “couldn’t steer.”

    But then I remembered my latest adventures with my car. As an energy healer I use energy to protect it, so was quite surprised that it got attached in the mall parking lot. Someone took a nail or something sharp and scratched down each side of the car..the worst or longest one on the driver’s door.

    And then the other strange thing, starting a couple of weeks ago was that the when I go to fill it up with gas, the gas nozzle stops suddenly. It takes 6-7 tries to get the tank to fill completely.

    Hopefully, you’re still oracling because that one has me scratching my head.

    And your idea for a book is fantastic. In fact…it is done yet?


  3. Omigod, I just found this post and the comments and I am laughing so hard!!! My father was a mechanic so I know exactly what you are talking about. What a hoot!

    I also am an esoteric astrologer when I feel like it and I must say you have elevated the concept of keywords to a whole new level here! Great work, funny but insightful, what could be a better combination?


  4. That’s flat scary. Yep, good subject for a book, maybe a reality TV show. People drive their cars on stage, and you tell them what’s what. BTW, my Saturn specifies 5W30 oil.

    What a cool post and a lot of great responses.



  5. knightofswords,

    The Oracle is not surprised to see you here! Today, she herself poured yet another quart of 10W-30 into the Transportation Planet Saturn she is now borrowing from a friend. What am I leaking? she pondered…

    And you? First off, you have a mystery (nobody’s ever discovered the cause of your excessive oil consumption), set against the backdrop of the 2nd largest planet in the solar system. Another layer is the presence of the powerhouse Roman god, as well as the qualities associated with Saturn from an astrological point of view. No wonder you’re smokin’!

    Saturn (Cronus) is connected with agriculture and the nature of time (Chronos). Under Saturn’s rule, seeds are sown and fruits harvested in their proper time. Is it possible that some of that awareness has gotten away from you lately? Might you be rubbing up against your relationship with time, causing some inner friction?

    Saturn’s domain is patience, stability, maturity and realism; rewards are delayed until fully earned. Because Saturn established the Golden Age, he oversees our own Golden Years. The wise man who wears the mantle of the sage with dignity, has come to accept the world around him and to practice both self-acceptance and tolerance of others. Your personal Saturn is reflecting this image back to you.

    Oil is the elixir of life for your car’s engine. It protects surfaces from tearing themselves apart from friction, prevents sludgy buildup, and more — all under tremendous heat and pressure. If loss of oil isn’t due to a blown head gasket (mental and intellectual overwork!), bad seals (a propensity to give too much of yourself without limitation!),or clogged drain holes (have you made time for periods of pure relaxation and rejuvenation?), then how about that oil ring?

    Your engine’s oil ring scrapes off excess oil from the cylinder walls and returns it to the oil pan. (Consider cutting back on southern fried whatever.) The beautiful rings circling Saturn’s equator are made of countless particles of ice and rock — each orbiting Saturn independently. What rings are displayed in your personal solar system? Do they set you spinning around in circles? Or, do they enwrap you in beauty and symmetry? Are you on a Tolkien-esque quest to gather and return the rings to their rightful place? Bathtub need refinishing?

    Esoterically, Saturn can be associated with isolation or sadness, or even depression. But once the dark aspect of Saturn is recognized, his bright side can be brought into view and enhanced. Some see Saturn as the bringer of limitation; others see the opportunity to transform Saturn’s controlling force to a teaching force. The choice, of course, is yours.

    A skewy trunk (rear end) suggests that something was thrown off-kilter in your past, though without significant core damage. Be grateful that it was not a slam, crash, plow! Interesting that you typed in the word tolled instead of the word rolled. (“Ask not for whom the bell tolls…” wrote John Donne).

    Frayed ceiling fabric above the driver’s head indicates that (1) your powers of intuition and creativity are expanding beyond the limits of your upper cortex (you might want to learn about the crown chakra), or (2) you’ve become increasingly attached to the Chicken Little character (“The sky is falling! The sky is falling!). Absent that, it may be time to have your barber take a little off the top. (-:

    Another telling slip! You say the emergency “break” doesn’t work. Perhaps you don’t need the full-on “brake” right now (Like the pickup truck, you’re on a roll!), though you might want to give yourself some other kind of break. Which, of course, brings us back to time, sludge buildup, tremendous heat and pressure, and the possibility of a blown head gasket.

    PS: It’s Spring! Consider a liver cleanse or other health regimen to get things sparkling clean – inside and out! (-:


  6. My ten year old Saturn slowly drips/burns oil at the rate of a quart every 6 weeks. Nobody’s ever discovered why. Otherwise, the trunk’s a little skewed from the time with a pickup truck came up behind me at a stop sign and tolled into me. The ceiling fabric on the driver’s side is frayed. The emergency break doesn’t work. It’s pretty dirty inside and out. I have no idea what all this means.



  7. r.o. lady,

    I love this idea! The possibilities are endless: “Caution: now experiencing a precipitous blood-sugar drop,” “Uh-oh; I just dropped my burrito on my white linen skirt!,” and, of course, something along the lines of “My cell phone minutes just ran out: pls call my yoga studio and tell them I’ll be late!” Singles might enjoy transmitting, “Pull over, gorgeous. I think my engine’s overheating.”

    Fun, fun stuff…


  8. oh my, rachel. You are wise and wacky and ever so onto something here. My car – strange suspension problems, transparent enough in meaning. After it is fixed on Tuesday, I’ll let you know if my life-ride has become more comfortable…..

    But hey, really, now’s the time to float this idea: I’ve long thought that every car carries people and they all pretty much look like anonymous people in cars. BUT, the struggles, stories, tensions, traumas, and circumstances held within are merely not visible. And they may deeply impair one’s capacity to drive competently. So, shouldn’t there be a warning system to the other people sharing the road.

    So, my idea is a changeable digital readout system that informs your highway friends with stock messages such as, “I’m mad at my husband”, “I’m drunk”, I’m still hungover”, “my IQ is frighteningly low” And obviously, there would need to be a custom option for relaying the unusual shades of life drama that cannot be anticipated at the factory.

    Let me know, o oracle diva.


  9. Julie,

    I’m going full bore with the giggle factor on this one! Ball joints are part of the car’s suspension system, so they dictate how well the car handles on the road and how comfy the ride is. Eventually, they wear out and become loose: my research indicates this phenomenon can also occur with young, single moms. Loose joints can emit interesting noises, maybe starting out as a click and then growing to a thump or a clunk accompanied by a shimmy. (Perhaps the car wants her owner to go dancing at a noisy Four Corners cowboy saloon?) Most likely, a lubrication failure is at the root of the problem, which can happen even with factory-sealed joints, despite manufacturers’ claims that they are Lubed For Life! The lube dries out, parts get rusty, and if you wait too long, you’re inviting some potentially serious loss of control and damage. Doubtless, your single mom work buddy is carrying a heavy load that doesn’t leave much time for her own self-care and self-nurture. And, in order to carry the precious cargo she’s entrusted with, she needs a high level of balance, grounding, and flexibility to get over, around, and through the bumps and holes that parenting invariably will throw her way. My advice? Somehow, she needs to treat herself to whatever will stave off rust and decay — be it a massage, a lavender-oil bath, a plate of mouth-watering onion rings, or whatever else will minimize friction in her life. A little bit of intentional, voluntary loosening-up on the front end, always beats out the potentially way-more catastrophic collapse and breakdown that can bring down the rear. And oh, by the way, anything going on with her knees, elbows, wrists, shoulders?


  10. One more: one of the managers I work with, who is a young single mom and very vibrant, efficient, and fun, says her car needs new ball joints. (She giggled when telling me this.) She wanted me to ask you!


  11. Thanks for the insights galore! I’ve already read your response twice but I think I need to take each sentence slowly and intentionally. There is much truth here. Thank you!


  12. Mimi,

    Sounds like your eccentric auto is an island unto herself. Goes about her business without giving anyone advance notice of what she’s about to do (non-working blinkers), retreats into semi-darkness in random and unpredictable fashion (right tail light goes out), and “locks people out automatically all the time.” You haven’t gotten around to naming her, you say, leaving her identity indefinable and elusive. Hmmmm, could that description apply at all to you, too? And what about that power steering? Could she be reminding you that you need to switch on your personal power and start steering with conviction – rather than being swept along by external events and circumstances that require you to exert brute force to turn onto the pathways you wish to navigate? How might your relationships be different if others weren’t locked out on a regular basis? Is there a part of yourself that stays closed because of some fear that once you let loose the floodgates, you might not be able to get things back under control? It appears that you have a great deal of compassion and acceptance for “her” shortcomings — and perhaps for your own, as well. However, are you nearing a point where you would like to make deep-rooted changes so you don’t continually backslide into your old habits and patterns? How many warnings will it take before you’re “busted” at some level? You’re quite right not to focus on the fixing of others, though perhaps some adjustments are in order for yourself. Sometimes, choosing to plumb deeper and deeper levels of understanding concerning why you do what you do when you do it…can be all you need to bring about a shift.


  13. What’s up with my car? She doesn’t have a name, I never got around to that. First, since I bought her 6 yrs ago,her Blinkers haven’t worked, unless I use the Emergency Blinker at the same time. I can’t roll down the drivers window, to use hand signals, because it won’t roll back up again. Her right tail light goes out about every 3 months.The Power Steering went out about 3 yrs ago. She locks people out automatically all the time.I have had the problems fixed in the past, many times, however, weeks later, she starts back to her old habits. I have learned to accept Her for Her few shortcomings. I am always happy to explain to the Police Officer why I can’t signal, and they believe me, and send me on my way with only a warning.I don’t want to Fix Her; I just want to understand Her.


  14. Ah, it’s good to know that the oracle I knew back in the WC day is still going strong! I think you’re on to something here, by jove. Seriously, quite accurate. Thanks, missy! I think… ;)

    Got to go work on my creativity, output, and oxygen intake now….


  15. Christian,

    As you are fully aware, getting a beautiful, brand-spanking-new car is a harbinger of all kinds of glorious newness in your life! Moving from white cars (blank slate, absence of color and verve, even?) to a brilliant blue, speaks volumes. What befits royalty better than sapphires?

    Ancients held that sapphire contains the power of wisdom, helps to move mental garbage to the curb, and improves clarity and clear thinking. Any wonder that your car has the word FOCUS all over it; in fact, FOCUS is its first name? No surprise that your car is figuring prominently in your daydreams, since the gem’s metaphysical properties include intuition, prosperity, and the fulfillment of dreams.

    Here are words taken directly from a gem website (You can access the link by clicking on the entire ending paragraph of this comment. See how everything is expanding for you already?) Sapphire is said to enhance creativity and to FOCUS purity of thought. It dispels evil thoughts and brings peace and amiability to its wearer. The blue color is often associated with the heavens. Sapphire is believed to bring divine favor and repels envy. Because of its blue color, sapphire is associated with the throat and brow chakras–where energy imbalances are said to cause sore throats, headaches and nightmares. Natural healers use Sapphire to help rid of unwanted thoughts, bring joy, peace and wealth. It is also thought to help heal blood problems.

    More about sapphires here:

    You’re on your way to a new level of life that is multifaceted, brilliant, rich — and with your movable roof, the sky’s the limit! With FOCUS, you own the road!


  16. This might be a no-brainer, but here goes: My car is brand. spanking. new. It goes ZOOM ZOOM. It has an incredible sound system. It has a removable roof so that I can gaze into the heavens (not while driving, mind you). It’s the first-ever car I’ve bought that has NOT been white. It’s a very rich blue…my favorite color. It is only the second new car I’ve ever bought in my life, and the first one that I’ve purchased without “settling” for second or third best. I daydream about driving it while I’m at work. I have not yet night-dreamed about it, but surely that’s not far away. Since purchasing it last week, I feel that POSSIBILITIES have opened up, that my self-confidence has tripled, that I’m on the “right road.”

    What sayest thou, oh GREAT ORACLE?


  17. Susan,

    Sounds like your inner thermostat is way whacked and you’ve got some toxins that are begging to be released from your body. Revisit the stark imagery your car is providing you: When your “heater core” isn’t behaving properly, it can be quite a struggle to find a balance between “putting out household fires” and preventing your inner life (interior windows) from “turning blue.” As you attempt to honor your core self and give it the attention it deserves, is it possible that you are stymied as a result of holding your breath or freezing up altogether? Are your dizziness and eye (“I”) trouble representative of conflict between your inner and outer “households?” You might want to explore what is attempting to poison your newfound in-spiration via invasive fumes – especially in areas of your life where you are not the driver, but a passenger who is driven by others. Automobile aside, look at the heated, internal battle illustrated by your second comment. Oriental medicine offers deep support in regulating excess or deficient heat in the body so your life force (chi) can flow freely. Bodywork helps to release toxins and calm inner fires. Thermostat problems can also suggest thyroid imbalance, which I know from personal experience. If any of this resonates with you, I can give you the name of an acupuncturist whose clinic is in your neighborhood, as well as a massage practice just down the road.


  18. Julie,

    I see your truck as a “work” vehicle — in this case, symbolizing your creative/writing work. To work efficiently, you need to rely on the perfect ratio of oxygen (inspiration) and fuel (material burned to produce power; nourishment/food). Your truck is reminding you to maintain a greater sense of awareness around the balance or imbalance of these two things. A “lean” mixture means you’re relying on too much oxygen (inspiration) and too little fuel (creative nourishment). A “rich”mixture is the opposite. Are you experiencing a loss of power in your creative pursuits? Are you inspired, yet finding it difficult to breathe life into your creations? Are you wasting those things that offer you the high-octane fuel you need for your creative endeavors?

    Your windshield’s creeping crack suggests that your field of vision is not whole. When you look forward in your life, do you see a growing split between your higher-body faculties (thinking & ideas) and your lower-body faculties (action, motion, taking steps)? What might you do to stem the further expansion of this crack and offer yourself an unobstructed view of what’s to come?

    Shock absorbers can take many forms in life: dependable work, nurturing relationships, and/or increased comforts of home can smooth out the jolts of a rough and rocky journey. Be mindful of whether you’ve actually grown accustomed to the discomfort, and how you can proceed on your journey with greater ease — regardless of the potholes, bumps, and other obstacles you meet up with along the way.


  19. Darn, you can’t edit those misplaced apostrophes after you “submit”. It’s killing me, just hanging out there beyond my control … Christian has his work cut out for him.

    Oooh. I just thought of an idea! Naah. Oomph – wrestle pow! PUNCH, tumbletumbletumble STOMP… Pity … Guilt… OK. I’ll let it stay.


  20. I’ve got a great one for you!

    My car is currently in the shop because it’s heater core was leaking antifreeze and slowly poisoning me with fumes in the passenger area. There were other fires to put out in my household, but this one finally got some attention when the inside of my windows started to turn blue. This was a good thing because the problem was so subtle that I really needed a visual.

    This is not a joke. I’ve been to the doctors’ four times in 60 days with symptoms of dizziness (no comments please) and eye trouble. We’ll see if they continue after “the fix”.

    OK, I’m ready. Lower the boom …


  21. I’ll bite. Let’s see. My truck needs oxygen sensors–the gas mileage has slooowly been cut practically in half because of lack of oxygen sensed in the fuel. (I’m finally getting this fixed next week!) Um, there’s a crack in the windshield that has been steadily creeping lengthwise across. Need new shocks–rough ride. (Now, you might make something kinky out of that!)

    So–whaddya think?


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