has anyone told you? you are loved

If you need to be reminded that you are perfect exactly as you are, take a few moments to watch this little movie. It’s sweet, soulful, uplifting, and inspiring. Be sure to turn your speakers up; the music is delightful, too. Warning: may cause lumps in your throat, throbbing in your heart, tears on your face. You may also be sent afterwards to a website called bettertobless.com, which is not exactly my flavor, though it might be yours.

6 thoughts

  1. Thank you for that, Rachel. I’m glad that I made the time to check out your site. I’ll continue to do so in the future!


  2. Totally dorky movie…loved it. Like the bettertobless website too. Sometimes it’s so hard to remember why we are all here…especially when we are wronged or someone hurts us, knowingly or not! Thanks.


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