why giving up hope in humanity is not an option

When you blend the recent Seeds of Compassion Conference in Seattle, the Dalai Lama, a young girl (Simone Porter) soulfully playing the violin, and an estimated 65,000 people gathered to foster global compassion, what more is there to say? The video (posted on youtube by “carolgrey”) runs 5 minutes and 20 seconds; the goodness will hopefully last for eternity.

One thought

  1. There is something about strings that stirs the same life in me as tenors do, as romantic languages do. There is a passion in these things. You can see it in that young girl’s expression.

    To find the passion in compassion seems harder for me. Not that I’m without it – I’m full of it. But it feels different. There may be too much mind in my compassion. I’ll have to think more on this. (Ugh! There’s the proof!)


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