word of the day: reverence

Find something sacred in each and every day.

Carve out a tiny piece of time when you think of nothing else
but the sanctity of existence.

Or don’t even think at all.
Simply sit.

Reverence won’t fight its way into your life.
It won’t come bursting through
in a spare moment between
calling the plumber and
complaining about the state of the world.

Any time you hear a hush
or observe a bee hopping from flower to flower
or feel the flutter of a newborn’s eyelashes,
reverence is there.

If you are fortunate enough to witness
a birth in the wild.

If you are gifted the opportunity
to lay down the first footprints
in a field of fresh-fallen snow.

If you but stop
and look
and listen within,

you will find yourself
wrapped up in reverence.

2 thoughts

  1. Reverence is something that I feel acutely every day. I thank you for putting the experience into these words.


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