word of the day: expand

Push out your edges and be as big as you want to be
Expand your horizons beyond what you imagined you could ever allow
Travel farther than anyone in your family and take in experiences richer
than you thought you could handle

Expand your views

Read the stories of mothers who raised their children during The Great Depression
Listen to mothers beg for food for their children
and life for their sons
Expand your compassion even as your gratitude grows

Take on a larger worldview and a deeper understanding of your own inner life
Expand your capacity to walk in the shoes of another
and to feel the blisters and calluses they feel

Take your trust up another notch
Carry yourself to a higher level

Create a container big enough to hold the people you care for
Expand from the heart and watch the rest of yourself follow

2 thoughts

  1. Brian, Thanks for visiting!

    As you plan your trip, check out Capitol Reef National Park and the town of Torrey in southcentral Utah. The high desert, red rocks, and slickrock canyons will crack you open in ways you never imagined — if you surrender to their power and beauty. Horses there, too! Back in June 2008, I blogged a little about my southwest road trip, including my experience at Goblin Valley State Park. Check it out via the Archives at the very bottom of the right-hand sidebar. The American Southwest rocks!


  2. Hey, Rachel! I’m writing from Seattle. I’ll be going to Monument Valley sometime in the springtime. I’ve always wanted to go there and ride through the valleys and canyons with a horse, like Clint Eastwood in The Outlaw Josey Wales or Pale Rider (eventhough they don’t take place there). Your writing about creating an ever bigger container to hold the people I care about is PERFECT. Thank you …


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